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If you are studying foreign languages you may be in need of an opportunity to buy cheap Finnish textbooks. We can help you find the books you need for your college course, without charging you a fortune in the process. We can offer titles including Conversational Finnish, Nordic Prosody Proceedings of the VIIIth Conference and Finnish for Foreigners to name just a few of the titles available. Make sure you browse the collection we have to offer, because you will find a number of heavily discounted and affordable books to buy or rent. Our rental service means you can borrow books as well as buy them if you prefer. Sell your Finnish books back once you become fluent and let someone else benefit from them while you make money from the sale. This is the ideal way to ensure you can get the most from your Finnish studies at college now.

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Finnish for Foreigners 1 (Finnish Edition) by Aaltio, Maija-Hellikki ISBN: 9780884325413 List Price: $23.95
Finnish for Foreigners: PT 2, Lessons 26 to 40 by Aaltio, Maija-Hellikki ISBN: 9789511014836 List Price: $20.00
L'élaboration de la Langue Finnoise by Sauvageot, Aurelien ISBN: 9782252015018
FS! Finnish Graded Reader with 14 Cassettes : Multilingual Books Language Course by Bell, Aili, Koski, Augustus ISBN: 9781582140179 List Price: $225.00
Conversational Finnish w/ 15 cassettes (Multilingual Books Intensive Foreign Language Casset... by Keskustellen, Suomea ISBN: 9781582140162 List Price: $225.00
Finnish for Foreigners Pt.1 : Lessons 1-25 by Aaltio, M. J. ISBN: 9780685052310 List Price: $22.00
Finnish for Foreigners Pt.1 : Lessons 1-25 by Aaltio, M. J. ISBN: 9780685052327 List Price: $52.50
Finnish for Foreigners by Aaltio, Maija-Hellikki ISBN: 9780884325420 List Price: $27.95
Nordic Prosody Proceedings of the Ixth Conferrence, Lund 2004 by Bruce, Gosta, Horne, Merle ISBN: 9780820477091 List Price: $57.95
Finnish: an Essential Grammar by Karlsson, Fred ISBN: 9781138821576
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