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Affordable deals are the best way to make your college budget go further than normal, and if you can get deals on pre-owned text books, so much the better. Buy cheap military textbooks in the area of science fiction today and find out what the best stories in this field really are. Look out for America's Galactic Foreign Legion Book 2: Re-enlistment; America's Galactic Foreign Legion Book 4: Demilitarized Zone, and many others in this series too. We buy back military books whenever we can as well, so you can find other entries in this series as well as other standalone books. Buy from Valore Books or rent cheap military textbooks instead. Whatever path you take you can be sure of getting affordable and discounted deals your budget will love you for! Make sure you don't miss out thanks to the power of Valore Books and our dedication to you.

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America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Silent Invasion (Book 3) : Silent Invasion by Knight, Walter ISBN: 9781935563266 List Price: $9.99
America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Demilitarized Zone (Book 4) : Demilitarized Zone by Knight, Walter ISBN: 9781935563341 List Price: $9.99
America's Galactic Foreign Legion: Book 2: Reenlistment (Volume 2) by Knight, Walter ISBN: 9781935563211 List Price: $9.99
America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Book 7: Enemies (Volume 7) by Knight, Walter ISBN: 9781935563471 List Price: $9.99
America's Galactic Foreign Legion: Book 6: Culture War (Volume 6) by Knight, Walter ISBN: 9781935563433 List Price: $9.99
America's Galactic Foreign Legion: Book 5: Insurgency (Volume 5) by Knight, Walter ISBN: 9781935563402 List Price: $9.99
Through Fiery Trials by Weber, David ISBN: 9780765364647
At the Sign of Triumph by Weber, David ISBN: 9780765364630
Fortress in Orion by Resnick, Mike ISBN: 9781616149901
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