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We are all familiar with adverts, but if you need to learn about them in relation to your graphic arts course at college, we can help. Buy cheap advertising textbooks today and discover more about this particular area of promotional work. We've got titles such as Creative Strategy in Advertising; The Creative Connection: Advertising, Copywriting and Idea Visualization; and How to Design and Improve Magazine Layouts. These represent a mere few of the affordable books we have for you, and you will also find the option to rent cheap advertising textbooks if you want to. When you have access to the cheapest discounted and pre-owned books as you do here, your college outlay will be far less than it might be otherwise. Make sure you get the best from Valore Books and buy cheap advertising textbooks from us today. Your studies will be easier to complete than ever when you do.

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Creative Strategy in Advertising by Jewler, A. Jerome, Drewnian... ISBN: 9780495095699 List Price: $151.95
Creative Strategy in Advertising by Drewniany, Bonnie L., Jewle... ISBN: 9781439082706 List Price: $157.95
The Creative Connection: Advertising Copywriting and Idea Visualization by Milton, Shirley F., Winters... ISBN: 9780870053160 List Price: $35.00
How to Design and Improve Magazine Layouts by Dorn, Raymond ISBN: 9780830411603 List Price: $70.95
Advertising Layout Basics : Ad Kit 4 by Notman, Larry ISBN: 9780918488091 List Price: $5.00
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