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If your college course focuses on learning more about crafts and hobbies, you may be searching for some relevant and affordable text books on sewing. You're in luck - our marketplace gives you the opportunity to buy cheap sewing textbooks you'll treasure for a long time to come. If you do want to part with any, our famed buyback service means you can be paid for doing so. Look for Basic Sewing for Costume Construction, Sewn Product Quality and Clothing Construction - just three of the titles we have available in our selection of college textbooks. For discounted titles you can buy or rent, try browsing our collection now to see just how many worthwhile titles we have available. Rent used sewing textbooks today, and make it easier to navigate your coursework. These books can help you further your learning and progress more confidently towards a successful career in the future.

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Sewn Product Quality A Management Perspective by Kincade, Doris H. ISBN: 9780131886476 List Price: $98.40
Successful Sewing by Westfall, Mary G. ISBN: 9781590708255 List Price: $50.00
Successful Sewing by Westfall, Mary G. ISBN: 9781566378604 List Price: $28.50
1-2-& 3-Section Sewings Non-Adhensive Binding by Smith, Keith A. ISBN: 9780963768223 List Price: $30.00
Overline: Sew News Presents Sew Much Better: The Secrets to Sewing Better, Faster and Easier by Bendel, Peggy, Nunemacher, ... ISBN: 9780962114816 List Price: $19.95
Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing with Pretty Pati's Perfect Pattern Primer by Palmer, Pati, Pletsch, Susan ISBN: 9780935278002 List Price: $8.95
Introducing Pattern Cutting by Tuit, Ann ISBN: 9780435428600 List Price: $11.50
Sewing Skinner Ultrasuede Fabric by Palmer, Pati, Pletsch, Susan ISBN: 9780935278019 List Price: $4.95
ABC's of Shortcut Sewing by Simplicity Pattern Co Staff ISBN: 9780918178039 List Price: $3.50
Complete Book of Sewing Shortcuts by Schaeffer, Claire B. ISBN: 9780809575541 List Price: $39.00
Theory and Application of Apparel Construction Techniques : A Practical Guide to Traditional... by Underwood, Sharon B., Istoo... ISBN: 9781888452006 List Price: $40.00
Sew-Fit Manual by Oblander, Ruth, Anderson, J... ISBN: 9780933956032 List Price: $29.95
Fagoting Collars : By Hand or on the Sewing Machine by Jurado, Eunice S. ISBN: 9780944488027 List Price: $10.95
Art of Sewing Basics and Beyond by Smith, Shirley L. ISBN: 9780685547519 List Price: $19.95
Teaching Needlecrafts by Perkins, Margaret ISBN: 9780435422455 List Price: $8.50
Sew Smart with ULTRA Suede Fabric and Other Luxury Suedes - Judy M. Lawrence - Paperback by Yurick, Clotilde, Schorr, B... ISBN: 9780960586004 List Price: $5.95
Art of Sewing Basics and Byond by Smith, Shirley L. ISBN: 9780962112331 List Price: $32.95
Sew Simple : A Step-by-Step Guide to Dressmaking by Tootal, T. ISBN: 9780091728458
Sewing Bible for Clothing Alterations by Turner Judith ISBN: 9781742576428
How to Use a Sewing Machine : A Beginner's Manual by Clayton, Marie ISBN: 9781910231098
Technological Reports No. 11 : Lockstitch Seams in Knitted Fabrics by Dorkin, C. M., Chamberlain,... ISBN: 9780614208573 List Price: $9.00
Technological Reports No. 10 : Seam Pucker: Its Cause and Prevention by Dorkin, C. M., Chamberlain,... ISBN: 9780614208566 List Price: $9.00
Technological Reports No. 18, Pt. 2 : The Strength of Seams in Woven Fabrics by Burtonwood, B., Chamberlain... ISBN: 9780614208597 List Price: $9.00
Technological Reports No. 17, Pt. 1 : The Strengths of Seams in Woven Fabrics by Burtonwood, B., Chamberlain... ISBN: 9780614208580 List Price: $9.00
Present Perfect : 25 Gifts to Sew and Bestow by White, Betz ISBN: 9781620333433
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