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College students visit our site every day to find and buy used rugs textbooks among others. These books form part of our crafts and hobbies section, so if you want to make rugs you can find out exactly how it is done with the help of these affordable text books. They include such examples as Manufacture of Wool Carpets; Silk Stocking Mats: Hooked Mats of the Grenfell Mission; Latch Hooking Rugs; and Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Repair. When you find this many superb books to rent or buy at affordable prices, you get a whole new world of choice opening up to you. Imagine being able to buy cheap rugs textbooks such as these whenever you needed them. This is exactly what you can do when you visit our website. We buy back rugs books as well, so you are sure to find more pre-owned books listed on our site whenever you come back for another look.

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Latch-hooking Rugs by Spiro, Lynda ISBN: 9780812220438 List Price: $29.95
Carpets: Orient Stars : A Carpet Collection by Unknown ISBN: 9780760529546 List Price: $495.00
Manufacture of Wool Carpets by Crawshaw, G. H. ISBN: 9780900739958
Silk Stocking Mats Hooked Mats Of The Grenfell Mission by Laverty, Paula ISBN: 9780773525061 List Price: $49.95
Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Repair by Thomas, William David ISBN: 9780943863023 List Price: $55.00
Carpet Surfaces by Pointon, H. ISBN: 9780785561064
Carpet Substrates by Ellis, Peter ISBN: 9780785561071
Carpets : Back to Front by Cegielka, L. ISBN: 9781870812146
Simply Modern : Contemporary Design for Hooked Rugs by Fitzpatrick, Deanne ISBN: 9781771082167
Southwest Planter and Mug Rugs by Annie's ISBN: 9781590123355
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