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For those interested in crafts and hobbies, we've got a spectacular selection of pre-owned and affordable text books to delve into. Here you can buy cheap quilts and quilting textbooks to help you find out more about this particular hobby. We can boast titles such as Morning Star Quilt; Little by Little: Quilts in Miniature; Copy Art for Quilters; Hawaiian Quilts, and My Mother's Quilts: Designs from the Thirties, to name just a few. Whatever you want to learn more about, you can buy or rent used quilts and quilting textbooks now to make life easier. Our affordable text books for college mean you can save as much as 99% in some cases. Every copy gives you a discounted price so it becomes far more affordable to get the books you really need. Sell back through our buyback system later on as well if you want to make some cash back.

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Little by Little: Quilts in Miniature - Mary Hickey - Paperback by Hickey, Mary, Benson, Steph... ISBN: 9780943574493 List Price: $9.95
Easy Weekend Quilts by Martingale Staff ISBN: 9781604683936 List Price: $16.99
My Mother's Quilts: Designs from the Thirties - Sara A. Nephew - Paperback by Nephew, Sara A., Benson, Sr... ISBN: 9780943574479 List Price: $14.95
Handmade Quilts by Dietrich, Mimi, McGehee, Li... ISBN: 9780943574677 List Price: $12.95
Quilts by Zimmerman, Susan A. ISBN: 9781557344601 List Price: $9.99
Four Century of Quilts : The Colonial Williamsburg Collection by Colonial Williamsburg Found... ISBN: 9780300207361
Tivaivai: The Social Fabric of the Cook Islands (Artistic Traditions in World Cultures) by Kuchler, Susanne, Eimke, An... ISBN: 9780714125800 List Price: $50.00
Patch Work Quilt Textbook by Fujii, Kinuko, Sudo, Kumiko ISBN: 9780962377815 List Price: $10.00
Patchwork Quilts to Make for Children by Rolfe, Margaret ISBN: 9780809575589 List Price: $29.95
Contemporary Quilts : Original Patterns Based on the Drawings of M. C. Escher by Parker, Kay ISBN: 9780895940452 List Price: $24.95
Pieced by Mother: Symposium Papers by Lasansky, Jeannette ISBN: 9780812209785 List Price: $18.95
Copy Art for Quilters by Tourtillotte, Barbara, Mart... ISBN: 9780943574455 List Price: $5.95
Quill and Bladwork of the Western Sioux by Lyford, Carrie A. ISBN: 9781555679934 List Price: $13.13
Michigan Quilts : One Hundred and Fifty Years of a Textile Tradition by MacDowell, Marsha, Fitzgera... ISBN: 9780944311004 List Price: $34.95
Quilting Shortcuts by Malone, Maggie ISBN: 9780809575183 List Price: $31.00
Sunshine and Shadow : The Amish and Their Quilts by Unknown ISBN: 9780809575954 List Price: $29.00
American Art Quilts : Quilt21 - 2000 by Farkas, Maxine, Sider, Sandra ISBN: 9780970191502 List Price: $20.00
Four Century of Quilts : The Colonial Williamsburg Collection by Colonial Williamsburg Found... ISBN: 9780879352646
Baby Quilts from -OP/65 - Carolann M. Palmer - Paperback by Palmer, Carolann M. ISBN: 9780943574486 List Price: $15.95
Small Quilting Projects - Linda Seward - Library Binding by Seward, Linda ISBN: 9780809575329 List Price: $35.00
Trio of Treasured Quilts by Burns, Eleanor, Knoechel, P... ISBN: 9780922705092 List Price: $11.95
North Carolina Quilts by Roberson, Ruth H. ISBN: 9780807818114 List Price: $39.95
Marilyn's Machine-Stitched Sew Simple Quilts! by Greene, Marilyn ISBN: 9780961479817 List Price: $12.95
Hawaiian Quilt by Brandon, Reiko M., Wild, Lee ISBN: 9780937426197 List Price: $14.95
Month-By-Month Quilt & Learn Activities 25 Easy, No-Sew Quilting Activities for Reading, Wri... by Pike, Kathy, Mumper, Jean, ... ISBN: 9780439234672 List Price: $11.95
Color, Craft, Quilt Book by Rogers, Roy ISBN: 9780979792106 List Price: $19.95
First-Time Quiltmaking : Learning to Quilt in Six Easy Lessons by Landauer Publishing Editors ISBN: 9781947163072
Simple Quilts for the Modern Home by Soebbing, Stephanie ISBN: 9781947163034
Simply Strings : A Modern Approach to a Traditional Quilt Block by Here, Here, Here ISBN: 9780692272770 List Price: $22.95
Quilt Giving : 19 Simple Quilt Patterns to Make and Give by Fisher, Deborah ISBN: 9781620338858
Annie's Quilt and Afghan Club DVD by Annie's ISBN: 9781590124475
Table Toppers for All Seasons : 12 Quilted Designs by Malone, Chris ISBN: 9781640255692
Morse Code Quilts : Material Messages for Loved Ones by Maxwell, Sarah ISBN: 9781947163065
Lilla Quilt Pattern by Jansdotter, Lotta, Arkison,... ISBN: 9781617455711
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