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You can buy cheap knitting textbooks from our website today if you know where to look and which books you want. With affordable deals coming at you left, right and center, you will find it easy to locate the discounted deals you want. Look for Machine Knitting; Strength and Elongation Testing of Single and Ply Yarns; Production of Textured yarns by Methods Other Than the False Twist Technique; and Knitting Design Book. As you can see there are lots of books to choose from and plenty of diversity too. This means you can buy used knitting textbooks to help you at college as well as to help you in your hobby, if you have chosen this as your ideal subject. When you rent used knitting textbooks you can return them easily via our rental process. Alternatively we buy back knitting books you have bought here or that you own already.

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Machine Knitting by Injoo Kim, Ruth Burbank ISBN: 9780130307408 List Price: $69.20
Close-knit Circle American Knitters Today by Wills, Kerry ISBN: 9780275992460 List Price: $39.95
Pingouin Book of Classic Knitting Patterns by Davis, Phillipa ISBN: 9781853680182
Knitting for Fun! by Jones, Jen ISBN: 9780756516819 List Price: $23.93
New American Knits : Classic Sportswear Patterns by Christoffers, Amy ISBN: 9781620330999
Yarn, Yarn, Yarn : 50 Fun Crochet and Knitting Projects to Color Your World by Zacke, Susanna, Hedengren, ... ISBN: 9781629144153
Structure of Silk Yarn Chemical Structure and Processing of Silk Yarn by Hojo, Nobumasa ISBN: 9781578081516 List Price: $85.00
Knitting to Your Personal Pattern/Spiral Binding by Nastiuk, Virginia M. ISBN: 9780942003352 List Price: $32.95
Let's Make Windsocks by Lund, Valerie J. ISBN: 9780962240508 List Price: $10.95
Knitting : Stitch-Led Design by Ellen, Alison ISBN: 9781785000294
Simple Chic Knits : 35 Stylish Patterns to Knit in No Time by Miller, Karen, Ritchie, Susan ISBN: 9781782493105
Penguin Knitting Book by Norbury, James ISBN: 9780241971253
Knit Yourself Clean by Rowe, Lynne, Corkhill, Betsan ISBN: 9781782214939
Production of Textured Yarns by the False-Twist Technique by Wilson, D. K., Kollu, T. ISBN: 9780614209488 List Price: $27.00
Knitting Bible by Phildar (Firm) Staff ISBN: 9781441319715
One-Skein Wonders 8-Copy Counter Display by Durant, Judith, Durant, Judith ISBN: 9781580177283
Knotted Coasters and Trivet by Annie's ISBN: 9781590124710
Cute Pets to Knit : Five Patterns to Make and Cuddle by Johns, Susie ISBN: 9781627107747
Production of Textured Yarns by Methods Other Than the False-Twist Technique by Wilson, D. K. ISBN: 9780614209495 List Price: $9.00
Swedish Knits : Classic and Modern Designs in the Scandinavian Tradition by Hammerskog, Paula, Wincent,... ISBN: 9781629147864
Knit Xmas Stocking Count Dis(8 by Steege, Gwen W. ISBN: 9781580178730
Advances in Filament Yarn Spinning of Textiles and Polymers by Zhang, Dong ISBN: 9780081013717 List Price: $200.00
Knit Together, Share Together : Simple Knitting for All the Family by de Haan, Marja, Mees, Barbara ISBN: 9781782503248
Knit Kit : Knitting As a Creative and Contemplative Craft by Ross, Wren ISBN: 9781401905620 List Price: $39.95
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