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Buy used tablesetting textbooks today and discover all the ways you can save money on these books. Times have changed over the years and learning about this aspect of cooking and presenting food is nothing short of fascinating. You can sometimes rent used tablesetting textbooks from us as well. Among the titles you are likely to find are Table Decorating, and the wonderful Forgotten Elegance: The Art, Artifacts and Peculiar History of Victorian and Edwardian Entertaining in America. Whichever books you require you can buy tablesetting textbooks online here at Valore Books for the cheapest prices. We buy back tablesetting books as often as we are able as well, which means you can also enjoy good prices when you sell back to us. Whatever service you want from us, you can be sure of getting the best prices and the very best service as well. It's a win-win place to be.

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Forgotten Elegance The Art, Artifacts, and Peculiar History of Victorian and Edwardian Enter... by Schollander, Wendell, Schol... ISBN: 9780313316852 List Price: $59.95
Table Decorating by New Holland Publishing Ltd.... ISBN: 9780785540410 List Price: $50.00
Creative Tables by Fournier, Rose, Duronsoy, Yves ISBN: 9781614285434
Table Lay-Ups and Accompaniments by Honeyball, Timothy P. ISBN: 9780713448313 List Price: $24.95
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