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Some countries have more famous examples of cuisine than others. Valore Books is aiming to redress the balance thanks to our ability to buyback whichever books we can get our hands on. Here you can buy cheap Middle Eastern textbooks that are packed full of information on all kinds of cookery examples and recipes. You can buy Medieval Arab Cookery Papers; Shish Mahal Cook Book; Memories of a Lost Egypt: A Memoir with Recipes; and Zu Gast in Israel. We have many other books of this type here as well, meaning you can buy or rent used Middle Eastern textbooks from Valore Books at the most affordable prices whenever you need them. You can sell your Middle Eastern books back as well, so you really do get the best of everything we have to offer. Try us once and we feel sure you will be back to buy more cookery books in the future.

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Medieval Arab Cookery Papers By Maxine Rodinson & Charles Perry With a Reprint of a Baghdad ... by Rodinson, Maxime, Arberry, ... ISBN: 9780907325918 List Price: $75.00
Shish Mahal Cook Book - Ali Aslam - Paperback by Aslam, Ali ISBN: 9780907526087 List Price: $50.00
Tunesische Spezialitaten : 3000 Jahre Esskultur by Lampert, Hebara M., Hinterm... ISBN: 9783817000142
Memories of a Lost Egypt A Memoir With Recipes by Rossant, Colette ISBN: 9780756760212 List Price: $21.00
Spice Journey by Delia, Shane ISBN: 9781743367339
Feed Your Senses : An Arabian Culinary Adventure by Saleh, Roaya ISBN: 9781908531667
Aleppo Cookbook by Matar, Marlene ISBN: 9781566569972 List Price: $25.00
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