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The Med has an assortment of countries all with their own unique blend of cooking styles and recipes. You can buy cheap Mediterranean textbooks now from Valore Books and get some of the most affordable books you will find in this area. Look out for titles such as Honey From a Weed: Fasting and Feasting in Tuscany, Catalonia, The Cyclades and Apulia. This one alone is well worth a read but there are many other discounted and pre-owned books on cooking and cookery on our website as well. Affordable deals are what we specialize in so you can always be sure of getting the discounted prices you are looking for. You can even rent used Mediterranean textbooks if you wish: such is the great service we have for you here. Whatever you want you can have the best service courtesy of Valore Books and enjoy every minute of it today.

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Orient Express : Fast Food from the Eastern Mediterranean by Rowe, Silvena, Lovekin, Jon... ISBN: 9781566569330 List Price: $22.95
What's for Dinner? by Fahr, Yasmin ISBN: 9780063284173 List Price: $37.50
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