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Whenever you want to learn more about cookery you should come to the Valore Books marketplace to get the titles you need. We have hundreds of them and this section gives you the chance to buy Japanese textbooks online. These are some of the best and cheapest books you can get on the subject of cookery in this part of the world. Look out for Food Culture in Japan; The Essence of Japanese Cuisine: An Essay on Food and Culture; At the Japanese Table; and Dangerous Dining. As you can see there are lots of fascinating titles here, and while you may not want to cook every recipe (especially the dangerous ones...) you will certainly want to read all about them. Expand your knowledge and learn more when you buy used Japanese textbooks on cooking from your favorite discounted book site. Why on earth would you head anywhere else now you have found us?

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Dangerous Dining (US) by Waring, Rob ISBN: 9781424044467
Food Culture in Japan by Ashkenazi, Michael, Jacob, ... ISBN: 9780313324383 List Price: $56.95
Essence of Japanese Cuisine An Essay on Food and Culture by Ashkenazi, Michael, Jacob, ... ISBN: 9780812235661 List Price: $49.95
Japanese Light by Barber, Kimiko, Dorling Kin... ISBN: 9780135017760 List Price: $13.27
Yubisashi Japanese Food by Enomoto, Toshiya ISBN: 9784795838734
Yubisashi Mini Japanese Food by Drennan, Henry ISBN: 9784795842236
Chiiki No Kappo Kyohon by Ehara, Ayako ISBN: 9784877338893
Japanese : Modern and Traditional Cuisine by Dekura, Hideo ISBN: 9781742575339
At the Japanese Table by Hosking, Richard ISBN: 9780195909807 List Price: $19.95
Sushi at Home : A Mat-To-Table Sushi Cookbook by Unknown ISBN: 9781435163324
Robata by Bjerrum, Silla ISBN: 9781911127956
Sutekina Okashi : More Treats from Keiko's Kitchen by Ishida, Keiko ISBN: 9789814771702
Tokyo Cult Recipes (Mini) by Murota, Maori ISBN: 9781922616982
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