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Ah, the unique flavors and tastes of Italian cuisine - who can beat it? You know what they say - if you can't beat them join them, and you can do just that now when you buy Italian textbooks online on the subject of cookery. You can look for titles such as Apicius; Desinari Nostrali Storia Dell'alimentazione a Firenze E in Toscana, not to mention many others as well. Our collection is constantly on the move as we sell books and buy back text books on the subject of cooking in Italy. Look for the cheapest prices now and get your affordable prices on the books you want today. You can choose to rent or buy used Italian textbooks from us today and secure the lowest priced deals you are liable to find anywhere. When you have Valore Books to fall back on you won't want to think about buying brand new cookery books anywhere else. Buy cheap Italian textbooks in pre-owned condition here instead.

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Apicius by Grainger, Sally, Shadrake, Dan ISBN: 9781903018132 List Price: $80.00
Everyone Is Italian on Sunday by Ray, Rachael ISBN: 9781476766072
Gennaro : Slow and Delicious by Contaldo, Gennaro ISBN: 9781909108905
Healthy Pasta : The Sexy, Skinny, and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food by Bastianich, Joseph, Bastian... ISBN: 9780385352246
Alla Fratelli : How to Eat Italian by Durack, Terry, McDonald, Barry ISBN: 9781743364703
Classic Italian : 130 Authentic Recipes by Rossi, Gabriella ISBN: 9781780193205
Regional Italian Kitchen by Hazelton, Nika ISBN: 9781590774984
Luca's Seasonal Journey by Ciano, Luca ISBN: 9781742577722
My Tuscan Kitchen by Manitto Sunshine ISBN: 9781742576220
Authentic Way to Cook Italian Food by Donato, Laura ISBN: 9780806248509
Desinari Nostrali Storia Dell'alimentazione a Firenze E in Toscana by Ciuffoletti, Zeffiro, Pinto... ISBN: 9788883048937
Mangia! Mangia! by Oates, Teresa ISBN: 9781921382949
Taste : My Life Through Food by Tucci, Stanley ISBN: 9781804228401 List Price: $17.99
Brutto : A (simple) Florentine Cookbook by Norman, Russell ISBN: 9781529197143
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