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Keen cooks will often have a selection of cookbooks on their shelves. If this sounds familiar and you know this applies to you, you can buy cheap Greek textbooks today that give you inspiration on cooking recipes like these. Watch out for delightful titles such as Athenian Cuisine; the simply titled Greece, and many other tasty treats as well (forgive the pun). When you are studying this topic in college it makes sense to make the most of your budget and buy used Greek textbooks instead of new ones. We buy back Greek books whenever we get the chance so feel free to sell your Greek books back at any point if you want to get others to expand your collection. Whatever you want to learn about cookery and recipes from Greece, we can help you do it. When you rely on Valore Books you can be sure of getting the best deals.

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Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart by George, Calombaris ISBN: 9781742577968
Athenian Cuisine by Terzi, Popi, Nadziejko, Joseph ISBN: 9780935819038
Zu Gast in Griechenland : Die Specialitaten der griechischen Kuche by Kitsakis, Elisabeth, Kitsak... ISBN: 9783817000067
Mazi : Revolutionizing Greek Food by Mouratoglou, Christina, Car... ISBN: 9780228100348 List Price: $35.00
Athenian : Eat Like a Greek by Vasilakis, Tim ISBN: 9781529149197
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