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With the likes of Louisiana Sampler Recipes from Our Fairs and Festivals, and Rice Planters Recipes, you can always find the cheapest and best books here at Valore Books. As you might have guessed, you can buy cheap American/Southern States textbooks on cooking here with ease. We've got more pre-owned titles coming in all the time, making it easier for you to buy used American/Southern States textbooks as well. You can learn from titles such as Marina Cafe: Flavors of the Gulf Coast, as well as Something Old and Something New: Louisiana Cooking With a Change of Heart. We've got plenty more discounted titles coming in via our buyback facility too, so check back often for the best and latest additions. Whatever type of food you like you can go on a culinary tour of this part of American in the comfort of your kitchen. Why not give it a try now for the best results?

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Lean Star Cuisine by Conlan, Terry, Conlan, Terr... ISBN: 9780961947613 List Price: $19.95
Louisiana Sampler Recipes from Our Fairs & Festivals by Folse, John D. ISBN: 9780962515231 List Price: $19.95
Marina Cafe: Flavors of the Gulf Coast by Creehan, Timothy F., Jesows... ISBN: 9780963454508 List Price: $22.00
Homestyle Southern Recipes : A Taste of the Deep South by Foreman, Mary ISBN: 9781938879135
Trisha's Table : My Feel-Good Favorites for a Balanced Life by Yearwood, Trisha, Bernard, ... ISBN: 9781524760946
North Carolina Plantation and Historic Homes Cookbook by Raveill, Ken ISBN: 9780936672922 List Price: $4.50
Johnny Harris Restaurant Cookbook by Lowenthal, Julie, Senseney,... ISBN: 9781455618972 List Price: $26.95
Table Talk: Appalachian Meals and Memories - Sidney Saylor Farr - Hardcover by Farr, Sidney S. ISBN: 9780822937852 List Price: $29.95
You Can Too: A Guide to Homestyle Cajun Cooking - Jeanette McGurk - Paperback by McGurk, Jeanette, McGurk, John ISBN: 9780962425103 List Price: $9.95
Pegasus Presents: A Culinary and Equine Guide to Germantown, Tennessee by Bader, Emily, Pruett, Carol... ISBN: 9780962284403 List Price: $14.95
North Carolina Plantation and Historic Homes Cookbook by Raveill, Ken ISBN: 9780935031683 List Price: $4.50
Table Talk Appalachian Meals and Memories by Farr, Sidney S. ISBN: 9780822955337 List Price: $15.95
Rice Planters Recipes by Gilbert, David L., Jr., Law... ISBN: 9780961576509 List Price: $4.00
Southern Living Annual Recipes 2023 by Editors of Southern Living ISBN: 9781419772528 List Price: $39.99
Letters to Dr. Kugelmann by Marx, Karl ISBN: 9780598488589 List Price: $46.50
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