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With titles such as San Diego Firefighters Centennial Cookbook, and Barbara Golden's Home Cooking, it is easy to find affordable titles in this area. Buy cheap American/California style textbooks on cooking from us now and secure the cheapest deals you could ever want. Look for a range of useful titles including California College Cookbook; Signature Dishes: Wine and Food of California's Central Coast Wineries; and From Fingers to Finger Bowls: California Cooking from Indian Times Until the Turn of the Century. As you can see there are plenty of discounted books to get your hands on, helping you develop your own cooking skills. You can buy or borrow for college or for your own convenience - the choice is yours. We buy back American/California style books often, so come back for more options soon. When you do you will make sure you get the best deals you have ever seen here.

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California College Cookbook by UCLA Students, Openshaw, Je... ISBN: 9780317913262 List Price: $8.95
Signature dishes: Wine and food of California's central coast wineries by Tartaglione, Mary, Volk, Tr... ISBN: 9781883995041 List Price: $18.95
Barbara Golden's Home Cooking by Golden, Barbara, Sumner, Me... ISBN: 9780936050010 List Price: $8.50
San Diego Firefighters Centennial Cookbook by Benson, Kathryn C., Anderso... ISBN: 9780962255007 List Price: $8.00
From Fingers to Finger Bowls California Cooking from Indian Times Until the Turn of the Century by Linsenmeyer, Helen, Pourade... ISBN: 9780945092087 List Price: $14.95
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