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How much do you know when it comes to cooking and recipes that hail from Africa? Buy cheap African textbooks now and secure the best and cheapest offers you could ever want. Look for titles including Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa; Food Culture in the Near East, Middle East and North Africa; Peppers, Cracklings and Knots of Wool Cookbook: The Global Migration of African Cuisine, and much more besides. Whatever you want to learn about the history, food and recipes from this part of the world, you can learn it here. You can rent cheap African textbooks on this topic as well, which means you have a chance to borrow from us as well as buying outright. Make sure you get the discounted offers you really want today, so you can make the most of your budget. When you realize how easy it is to use our website you will definitely come back for more.

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Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa by Osseo-Asare, Fran ISBN: 9780313324888 List Price: $49.95
Casablanca : My Moroccan Food by Benkabbou, Nargisse ISBN: 9780228100867 List Price: $35.00
South Africa- Flavours and Traditions by Lindop, Sophia ISBN: 9781431421992
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen by Adjonyoh, Zoe ISBN: 9781784721633
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