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We all like fast food, don't we? However it doesn't have to mean cooking fast meals that are unhealthy as well. There is a wide range of fast meals you can cook without resorting to unhealthy options (although we do have books focusing on this area as well). Now you can buy cheap quick and easy textbooks on fast to prepare meals that won't cost you a lot in time. Look for Making Fast Food: From the Frying Pan into the Fryer; Snacks; Creative Kids Snack Art; and Party Snacks. We've got lots more books coming in all the time as well, thanks to our buyback facility. This means you can sell your quick and easy books back if you have some you don't need any more. You can sell back and then buy cheap quick and easy textbooks you don't yet have. Changing your book collection is all part of getting better in the kitchen.

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Snacks by Schaefer, Lola M., Schaefer... ISBN: 9781410922175 List Price: $28.21
Making Fast Food From the Frying Pan into the Fryer by Reiter, Ester ISBN: 9780773508439 List Price: $95.00
Mary Berry's Quick Cooking by Berry, Mary ISBN: 9781785943898
Olive - 100 of the Very Best Quick Healthy Meals by Olive Magazine Staff ISBN: 9781409162285
Family Meals by Smith, Michael ISBN: 9780143184119
Eat : The Little Book of Fast Food by Slater, Nigel ISBN: 9781607747260
Creative Kids Snack Art by Meahl, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781420631869 List Price: $15.99
Party Snacks by Unknown ISBN: 9781853680755
Instant Pot Family Favorites Cookbook by Publications International ... ISBN: 9781645588962 List Price: $15.98
New Easy by Hay, Donna ISBN: 9781460751411 List Price: $29.99
Just Eat : More Than 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes That Taste Just Like Home by Decker, Jessie James ISBN: 9780063210608 List Price: $28.99
Best of Bridge Done in One : Perfect Recipes in One Pot, Pan or Skillet by Richards, Emily, Kong, Sylvia ISBN: 9780778807124
Mary Makes It Easy by Berry, Mary ISBN: 9781785948428
Flavours of England : Suppers and Snacks by Davies, Gilli, Jones, Huw ISBN: 9781912654956
Super Green Simple and Lean by Koraiem, Maha, Obermeder, S... ISBN: 9781760292027
Winter Warmers : Quick and Easy Recipes by Steer, Gina ISBN: 9781783613038
Easy Cooking : 100 Delicious Recipes from Cuisineet Vins de France by Vins, Cuisine et, Cuisine e... ISBN: 9781770503106
Snack Foods Processing by Lusas, Edmund W., Rooney, L... ISBN: 9781420012545
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