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Are you looking for advice on cooking meals for you and you alone? Sometimes it is nice to have a selection of recipes to fall back on in this way. Buy cheap cooking for one textbooks today and you can get these precise books in pre-owned format and at discounted prices as well. Look out for Simply for One; Cooking for One or Two or More; and Cooking for One: 100 Easy and Quick Recipes. No one wants to be cooking for hours for themselves, which is why you will find some superbly quick recipes in this collection of affordable text books. Even if you already know some good titles and have some good books in this area, you can buy used cooking for one textbooks that will expand your repertoire. Whatever you want to do, you can learn how to cook more efficiently and effectively when you buy from us today.

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Simply for One by Ford, Patricia ISBN: 9780951465905
Cooking for One : 100 Easy and Quick Recipes by Moore, Heather ISBN: 9781575551715 List Price: $34.95
Cooking for One or Two or More by Ireson, Amy G., Lipscomb, S... ISBN: 9780395258231 List Price: $15.95
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