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You would be surprised at how many helpful books there are on this topic alone. Buy cheap heart textbooks now to take good care of your heart and eat the right meals to preserve its health. Watch out for examples such as How to Eat Away Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure; Easy Food Tips for Heart Healthy Eating; and American Heart Association's Your Heart: An Owner's Manual. Our buyback facility means we always have the ability to bring in other pre-owned books on this and many other topics concerning health and maintaining it through food. You can look for the cheapest and best deals on this topic now, so buy used heart textbooks that have proven to be useful for others. You can take advantage of them as well if you really want to. You might be surprised at how much you can learn when you start reading them.

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Easy Food Tips for Heart-Healthy Eating by American Heart Association ... ISBN: 9780133682267
American Heart Association's Your Heart : An Owner's Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780137500277 List Price: $14.00
Diet for a Happy Heart by Jones, Jeanne ISBN: 9781564265715
Herbal Apothecary : Recipes, Remedies and Rituals by Iverson, Christine ISBN: 9781800079854
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