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Do you want to Lick the Sugar Habit, as one book helpfully puts it? With other titles including Sugarless Towards the Year 2000 also popping up in our collection, you can buy used diabetic and sugar-free textbooks that will help in your understanding of this area. If you are newly diabetic you may want to get some helpful books that will help you understand your condition and what you need to do to manage it. Alternatively you may have made the decision to cut down on your sugar intake, and in this case the ability to buy cheap diabetic and sugar-free textbooks will certainly be good to have. You can save money on affordable and pre-owned copies of the above books plus many others as well. We buy back diabetic and sugar-free books when we can, so sell back if you have anything to help others as well. We'll be very grateful!

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Lick the Sugar Habit by Smith, Lendon H., Lorenzani... ISBN: 9780961589103 List Price: $9.95
Sugarless Towards the Year 2000 by Rugg-Gunn, Andrew J. ISBN: 9780851864952 List Price: $73.00
Sweet Poison Quit Plan by Gillespie, David ISBN: 9780143783558
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