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There is nothing quite like a good soup is there - unless of course you love a good stew. Either way you are in the right place to get some inspiration for your own recipes. Buy cheap soups and stews textbooks today and unlock some of the tastiest recipes you have ever seen. We've got titles such as Great Soups!: A New Collection of Modern Originals and Classic Traditionals, not to mention many other text books relating to successful stews. If you want to rent used soups and stews textbooks to get a few nice recipes before moving on to other books, we provide these options as well in some cases. You can also look for affordable deals coming into this section on a regular basis thanks to the buyback service we have in place. What more could any cooking fan ask for? Try us for size and get cooking today.

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Great Soups! : A New Collection of Modern Originals and Classic Traditionals by Bohn, Michael N. ISBN: 9780317912326 List Price: $5.95
Ultimate Soup Cookbook by Unknown ISBN: 9780898219067
Swanson� Homemade Soups by Publications, Editors of ISBN: 9781450876292
Soup : Easy Recipes for Every Occasion by Ray, Alex, Barber, Jenny ISBN: 9781849538138
Chowder Trail Cookbook by Elliot, Elaine, Lee, Virgin... ISBN: 9781459503304
Soups by Wright, Hannah ISBN: 9780709020547
Soups : 120 Delicious Recipes from Cuisine et Vins de France by Vins, Cuisine et, Cuisine e... ISBN: 9781770503090
Chowder Trail Cookbook by Elliot, Elaine, Lee, Virginia ISBN: 9781459505353
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