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Bar and Beverage Book: Basics of Profitable Management by Katsigris, Costas, Porter, ... ISBN: 9780471082644 List Price: $41.50
Duchess of Northumberland's Little Book of Cocktails, Cordials and Elixirs by The Duchess of Northumberla... ISBN: 9780750956314
Introduction to Bartending Skills by Highfield Publications Staff ISBN: 9780897718097
Bar and Beverage Book : Basics of Profitable Management by Katsigris, Costas, Porter, ... ISBN: 9780471895107
Tequila Cocktails by Van Flanders, Brian, Gottsc... ISBN: 9781614285441
100 Classic Cocktails by Moore, Sean ISBN: 9781629147031
World's Easiest Cocktails by Newman, Kara ISBN: 9781452152479
Pour Man's Friend : Supplementary Workbook by Burton, John C., Burton, Na... ISBN: 9780962462511 List Price: $14.95
Professional Guide to Bartending by Plotkin, Robert A. ISBN: 9780945562016 List Price: $24.95
Drinking the Devil's Acre : A Love Letter to San Francisco and Her Cocktails by McDonnell, Duggan, Abiol, Luke ISBN: 9781452135250
Tippling Bros : A Lime and a Shaker - Discovering Mexican-Inspired Cocktails by Carducci, Tad, Tanguay, Pau... ISBN: 9780544302327 List Price: $18.99
Classic Cocktails : Time-Honored Recipes for the Home Bartender by Hallay, Amanda, Wolfe, David ISBN: 9781629145297
New Standard San Francisco Bartenders Workbook, No. 1 by Davis, Charles T., Walter, ... ISBN: 9780962162800 List Price: $26.50
Flask : 40 Portable Cocktail Recipes for Drinking Anywhere by Baird, Sarah C. ISBN: 9781452173306
Drink Pink by Pyramid ISBN: 9780753733516
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