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As good as computers are, there is always the potential for things to go wrong. You can buy cheap disaster and recovery textbooks from our collection today to help minimize the problems you might experience in this situation. Look out for Database Recovery; Recovery Mechanisms in Database Systems; Replication Techniques in Distributed Systems; and Guide to Understanding Trusted Recovery in Trusted Systems. These books vary in price and also in content, but with our discounted prices you can always locate the cheapest deals your budget will love. Go on - take a closer look today and consider the option to rent used disaster and recovery textbooks as well. If you can minimize the chances of anything going wrong you will have a much safer and more robust computer system. If you want this kind of peace of mind, make sure you can get the cheapest deals from us here today.

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Database Recovery by Kumar, Vijay, Son, Sang H. ISBN: 9780792381921 List Price: $182.00
Recovery Mechanisms in Database Systems by Kumar, Vijay, Hsu, Meichun ISBN: 9780136142157 List Price: $57.75
Guide to Understanding Trusted Recovery in Trusted Systems by Unknown ISBN: 9780788105517 List Price: $25.00
Replication Techniques in Distributed Systems by Helal, Abdelsalam A., Bharg... ISBN: 9780792398004 List Price: $263.00
Handbook of Small Data Sets by Hand, David J., Daly, Fergu... ISBN: 9780367449667
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