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Are you looking for affordable prices on software development and engineering text books? Whether you need these books for college or not, you will no doubt want the cheapest prices you can get for pre-owned books. Now you can, because you can buy cheap tools textbooks here today that give you everything you could possibly need. We've got a range of titles that includes Mastering Pascal and Delphi Programming; Essence of COM and ActiveX: A Programmer's Workbook; Discover Delphi Programming: Principles Explained; and ActiveX Controls and Internet Application. There are all kinds of other discounted and affordable books here as well, since we buy back tools books when they are offered to us. Feel free to get in touch if you have some books to sell back too. It means you can get the best prices you could want whenever you use our buyback system, so try it out today.

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Activex All in One: A Web Developer's Guide with CD-ROM by Lang, Zane ISBN: 9780136190998 List Price: $44.95
High Performance Delphi 3 Programming - Don Taylor - Paperback - BK&CD ROM by Taylor, Don ISBN: 9781576101797 List Price: $49.99
How to Program Delphi: Latest Version - Frank Engo - Other Format - BK&CD-ROM by Engo, Frank ISBN: 9781562765262 List Price: $39.99
Essence of COM and ActiveX : A Programmers Workbook by Platt, David S. ISBN: 9780130799890
Discover Delphi Programming Principles Explained by Williams, Shirley, Williams... ISBN: 9780201342864 List Price: $89.40
Adding Graphic and Activex Control to Your Application Study by Unknown ISBN: 9780536610225 List Price: $5.20
Hello Delphi: An Introduction to Programming with Borland Delphi for Windows by Joy, Janet E. ISBN: 9780964816022 List Price: $34.95
Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX - Carlton Egremont - Paperback by Egremont, Carlton ISBN: 9780201485363 List Price: $14.95
PowerBuilder Developer's Resource by Schumacher, Robin, Bosworth... ISBN: 9780132711562
More Professional PowerBuilder 5.0 Programming, with CD-ROM by Bukauskas, Paul, Braudstein... ISBN: 9780135081457
Activex Controls & Internet Application by Unknown ISBN: 9780536610171 List Price: $7.00
Programming and Problem Solving With Delphi by Kerman, Mitchell C. ISBN: 9780201708448 List Price: $117.60
Database Developer's Guide with Delphi 2 by Henderson, Ken ISBN: 9780614144451 List Price: $49.99
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