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Parallel Programming by Lin, Calvin, Snyder, Lawren... ISBN: 9780321487902 List Price: $124.00
Concurrent Programming Principles and Practice by Andrews, Gregory R., Elliot... ISBN: 9780805300864 List Price: $108.00
Programming Massively Parallel Processors: A Hands-on Approach by Kirk, David, Hwu, Wen-Mei W. ISBN: 9780123814722 List Price: $69.95
Parallel Program Design: A Foundation - K. Mani Mani Chandy - Hardcover by Chandy, K. Mani, Misra, Jay... ISBN: 9780201058666 List Price: $51.95
Scientific Parallel Computing by Scott, L. Ridgway, Clark, T... ISBN: 9780691119359 List Price: $64.00
Parallel Computing, 1988 - G. A. Van Zee - Hardcover by Van Zee, G. A. ISBN: 9780387516042 List Price: $37.95
Parallel Architectures and Neural Networks First Italian Workshop by Caianiello, E. R. ISBN: 9789971509057 List Price: $77.00
Parallel Algorithms by Casanova, Henri, Legrand, A... ISBN: 9781584889458
Operating Systems Concurrent and Distributed Software Design by Bacon, Jean, Harris, Tim ISBN: 9780321117892 List Price: $91.00
Parallel Functional Programming Languages and Compilers by Szymanski, Boleslaw K. ISBN: 9780201522433 List Price: $46.25
Parallel Programming and Compilers by Polychronopoulos, Constanti... ISBN: 9780898382884 List Price: $110.50
Highly Parallel Computing by Almasi, George S., Gottlieb... ISBN: 9780805301779 List Price: $56.95
On Concurrent Programming by Schneider, Fred B. ISBN: 9780387949420 List Price: $89.95
Automatic Performance Prediction of Parallel Programs by Fahringer, Thomas ISBN: 9780792397083 List Price: $182.00
Loop Parallelization by Banerjee, Utpal ISBN: 9780792394556 List Price: $224.00
Parallel Programming Techniques and Applications Using Networked Workstations and Parallel C... by Wilkinson, Barry, Allen, Mi... ISBN: 9780136717102 List Price: $72.00
Design+analysis of Parallel Algorithms by Akl, Selim G. ISBN: 9780132000567 List Price: $80.00
Programming Parallel Processors - Robert G. Babb - Hardcover by Babb, Robert G., II ISBN: 9780201117219 List Price: $54.95
Topics in Parallel and Distributed Computing : Introducing Concurrency in Undergraduate Courses by Prasad, Sushil K., Gupta, A... ISBN: 9780128038994 List Price: $79.95
Introduction to Parallel Programming by Chandy, K. Mani, Taylor, St... ISBN: 9780867202083 List Price: $43.00
Concurrent Programming : Principles and Practices by Andrews, Gregory R., Elliot... ISBN: 9780685494134 List Price: $49.50
Parallel Programming by Perrott, R. H. ISBN: 9780201142310 List Price: $31.20
Programming Models for Parallel Systems by Williams, Shirley A. ISBN: 9780608220147 List Price: $56.50
Gpu Parallel Program Development Using Cuda by Soyata, Tolga ISBN: 9780367572242
Parallel Algorithms by Casanova, Henri, Legrand, A... ISBN: 9780367659394
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