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If you are studying computer programming at college, you will certainly need a range of text books that will help you learn. Now you can get the cheapest ones you could ever hope for, thanks to our collection of superb deals here at Valore Books. Look for Modern Computer Networks: An Open Source Approach; Free Software: A Guide to the Brave Free World of Open Source; Open Source Software Law; and Open Source Physics: A User's Guide with Examples. As you can see you can buy cheap open source textbooks quite easily from our ever expanding and changing collection. We buy back open source books whenever we can, and make them available to buy or rent. Used open source textbooks will always be cheaper for you, so make the most of them now. The learning process at college doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be difficult to manage financially either.

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Modern Computer Networks: An Open Source Approach by Lin, Hwang, Baker, Fred ISBN: 9780073376240 List Price: $131.75
Getting Started with Arduino by Banzi, Massimo, Shiloh, Mic... ISBN: 9781449363338 List Price: $19.99
Open Source by Deek, Fadi P., McHugh, Jame... ISBN: 9780521881036 List Price: $103.99
Open Source Physics A User's Guide With Examples by Christian, Wolfgang ISBN: 9780805377590 List Price: $64.00
Free and Open Source Software in Modern Data Science and Business Intelligence : Emerging Re... by Srinivasa, K. G., Deka, Gan... ISBN: 9781522537076 List Price: $190.00
Web2py Enterprise Web Framework, 2nd Ed by DiPierro, Massimo ISBN: 9780470592359 List Price: $47.95
Hudson 3 Essentials by Meinholz, Lloyd ISBN: 9781783280551 List Price: $34.99
Open Source Software Law by Dixon, Rod ISBN: 9781580537193 List Price: $99.00
Research Anthology on Usage and Development of Open Source Software, VOL 1 by Management Association, Inf... ISBN: 9781799898375 List Price: $657.00
Research Anthology on Usage and Development of Open Source Software, VOL 2 by Management Association, Inf... ISBN: 9781799898382 List Price: $657.00
Enterprise Linux Administrator : Journey to a New Linux Career by Hitchcock, Kenneth ISBN: 9781484288009
Open Source Library Systems : The Current State of the Art by Breeding, Marshall, ALA Tec... ISBN: 9780838959893 List Price: $43.00
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