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From Instructor's Manual to Accompany Data Structures: Form and Function, to How to Program Well: A Collection of Case Studies, you will see all kinds of superb text books in this section. Buy cheap general textbooks on programming now and get the inside story on how to do it and get it right. With affordable discounts given to all kinds of books you will see how easy it is to enjoy the cheapest prices on all the text books you need for college. Whether you are new to programming or you need something a bit more advanced, you can get discounted prices that will appeal to your sense of saving money. When you are at college you won't have a lot of cash to splash around, so it makes sense to come to Valore Books to get the books you need. Buy used general textbooks today and secure the best prices.

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Spreadsheet Implementation Technology : Basics and Extensions by Sestoft, Peter ISBN: 9780262526647 List Price: $35.00
Connected Code : Why Children Need to Learn Programming by Kafai, Yasmin B., Burke, Qu... ISBN: 9780262027755 List Price: $25.00
How to Program Well : A Collection of Case Studies by Shapiro, Henry ISBN: 9780256131444
Sinclair ZX81 : Programme, Spiele, Grafik by Stewart, Ian, Jones, Robin ISBN: 9783764313982
Pascal : Text and Reference by Moore, John B. ISBN: 9780835954594 List Price: $19.95
Introduction to Personal Computers : Intermediate Guide by LeJeune, Steele, Newall, Chris ISBN: 9780962544729 List Price: $10.95
RISKM : Administrator's Manual for Utilization by Schott, Brian ISBN: 9780884060987 List Price: $35.00
2015 IEEE Blocks and Beyond Workshop (Blocks and Beyond) by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781467383684 List Price: $212.00
Abstract Domains in Constraint Programming by Pelleau, Marie ISBN: 9781785480102 List Price: $75.00
Memory Management SECRETS by Glass, Brett ISBN: 9781878058720
Concepts in 4 GL Programming by Wojkowski ISBN: 9780878358496 List Price: $30.95
2017 Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems (EAIS) by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781509064458 List Price: $208.00
Scientific Programmer's Toolkit : Turbo Pascal Edition by Beilby, M. H. ISBN: 9781138460904
Data Structures by Tiwari, N. K., Agrawal, Jit... ISBN: 9789384588922
Analysis of Messy Data, Volume III : Analysis of Covariance by Milliken, George A., Johnso... ISBN: 9781420036183
Applied Genetic Programming and Machine Learning by Iba, Hitoshi, Hasegawa, Yos... ISBN: 9781439803707
Analysis of Messy Data Volume 1 : Designed Experiments, Second Edition by Milliken, George A., Johnso... ISBN: 9781420010152
Text As Data : Computational Methods of Understanding Written Expression Using SAS by DeVille, Barry, Singh Bawa,... ISBN: 9781119487142 List Price: $60.00
Analysis, Verification and Transformation for Declarative Programming and Intelligent System... by Lopez-Garcia, Pedro, Gallag... ISBN: 9783031314759 List Price: $139.99
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