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Programming languages exist in many forms, as you will see when you start looking into this area. If you are studying computing at college and you are keen to learn about programming, you are in the best place to get the most affordable prices on all manner of discounted text books. Now you can buy cheap VBScript textbooks direct from us and pay just a fraction of the amount you would pay elsewhere. Look for titles such as Simply Visual Basic .Net 2003; Internet Programming with VBScript and Javascript; Comprehensive Guide to VBScript: The Encyclopedic Reference for VBScript, HTML and ActiveX; and VBScript for the World Wide Web. You can sell your VBScript books back as well if you find you want to swap them out for other titles on the same subject. With this many superb deals available you can always get the best options and the best prices when you come to us.

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Internet Programming With Vbscript and Javascript by Kalata, Kathleen ISBN: 9780619015237 List Price: $96.95
Simply Visual Basic .Net by Deitel and Associates Staff... ISBN: 9780131405530 List Price: $107.00
Simply Visual Basic .Net 2003 by Deitel and Associates Staff... ISBN: 9780131426405 List Price: $91.00
Visual Basic Scripting Edition Interactive Course by Jerke, Noel ISBN: 9781571690463 List Price: $49.99
Web Programming W/asp+com-w/cd by Crouch, Matt J. ISBN: 9780201604603 List Price: $44.95
Web Developers Guide to Javascript and Vbscript by Aitken, Peter ISBN: 9781883577971 List Price: $39.99
Server Side Vb6 by Deitel, Paul J. ISBN: 9780130260017 List Price: $666.67
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