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With so many programming languages available to study, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn we have lots of general books here as well. Buy cheap general textbooks from us today and secure the cheapest deals on all kinds of titles. Watch out for affordable prices and deals you can always rely on, thanks to our ability to buyback pre-owned books from many other students across America. Whatever angle you want information on you can buy or rent used general textbooks that will shed light on it now. Look for all the titles you could want or simply see what else we have in stock since your last visit. Whatever you decide to use our website for you can be sure of finding discounted offers on our text books today. We understand your budget is under strain, and when you have the chance to get the cheapest deals it makes sense to grab them.

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Agent-Based Spatial Simulation with Netlogo by Banos ISBN: 9781848214880 List Price: $175.00
Einf�hrung in die Programmiersprache MUMPS by Hesse, Stephan, Kirsten, Wo... ISBN: 9783110115987
Raspberry Pi User Guide by Upton, Eben, Halfacree, Gareth ISBN: 9781119264361 List Price: $25.00
Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Philbin, Carrie Anne ISBN: 9781119269069 List Price: $25.00
Concepts of 4GL Programming PC Nomad by Wojtkowski, W. Gregory ISBN: 9780877092322 List Price: $28.95
Concepts of 4GL Programming PC Focus by Wojtkowski, W. Gregory ISBN: 9780877092315 List Price: $28.95
Swift Quick Syntax Reference by Campbell, Matthew ISBN: 9781484204412 List Price: $24.99
VantagePoint Reference Manual : Release 3.0 by Execucom Staff ISBN: 9780911941135
LOGO Adventures : Exploring LOGO with Pre-Schoolers (TI Version) by Muller, Jim ISBN: 9780835941341 List Price: $29.95
LOGO Adventures : Exploring LOGO with Pre-Schoolers (TI Version) by Muller, Jim ISBN: 9780835941433 List Price: $13.95
Cobol 9th Edition Update with Getting Started Manual for MFWindows Set by Stern, Nancy B., Stern, Rob... ISBN: 9780471205838 List Price: $100.95
Reasoned Schemer by Friedman, Daniel P., Byrd, ... ISBN: 9780262256179 List Price: $57.00
Types and Programming Languages by Pierce, Benjamin C. ISBN: 9780262256810 List Price: $143.00
Mathematical Aspects of Logic Programming Semantics by Hitzler, Pascal, Seda, Anthony ISBN: 9781138114227
Flash XML Applications : Use AS2 and AS3 to Create Photo Galleries, Menus, and Databases by Schnier, Joachim ISBN: 9781138403291 List Price: $195.00
Multilevel Modeling Using R by Finch, W. Holmes ISBN: 9781138469334
APL with a Mathematical Accent by Reiter, Clifford A., Jones,... ISBN: 9781138403994
Multiple Comparisons Using R by Bretz, Frank, Hothorn, Tors... ISBN: 9781420010909
R Graphics by Murrell, Paul ISBN: 9781420035025
Exploratory Multivariate Analysis by Example Using R by Husson, Francois, Le, Sebas... ISBN: 9781439835814
Mathematical Aspects of Logic Programming Semantics by Seda, Anthony, Hitzler, Pascal ISBN: 9781439829622
Event History Analysis with R by Brostr�m, G�ran, Brostr�m, ... ISBN: 9781439831670
Using R for Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics by Horton, Nicholas J., Kleinm... ISBN: 9781439827567
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