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How much do you know about networking? When it comes to computing it pays to know at least a little bit about it, and in some cases it might prove useful to know more than that. Fortunately you can expand your knowledge here at Valore Books when you buy cheap vendor specific textbooks on networking. We provide the cheapest prices on pre-owned text books of all kinds. These include Interconnections: Bridges and Routers; Data Communications and Computer Networks: For Computer Scientists and Engineers; Open Systems: The Reality; and OSI: A Model for Computer Communications Standards. As you can see, we provide the biggest and best selection of affordable text books for college students studying this particular area of computing. Make sure you are in a prime position to buy used vendor specific textbooks from us too so you can save money as well. You might be pleased to make the most of our site and to get some great deals.

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Interconnections:bridges+routers by Perlman, Radia ISBN: 9780201563320 List Price: $59.95
Osi A Model for Computer Communications Standards by Black, Ulysses D. ISBN: 9780136371335 List Price: $95.00
OSI Explained - John Henshall - Paperback by Henshall, John ISBN: 9780136394518
Inside AppleTalk by Sidhu, Gursharan S., Apple ... ISBN: 9780201550214 List Price: $39.95
UNIX, POSIX, and Open Systems: The Open Standards Puzzle by Quarterman, John S. ISBN: 9780201527728 List Price: $58.99
Cisco Router Configuration by Leinwand, Allan, Pinsky, Bruce ISBN: 9781578702411 List Price: $40.00
Open Systems for Better Business by Senn, James A. ISBN: 9781850328759 List Price: $49.95
Open Systems Products Directory, 1995 by UniForum Staff ISBN: 9780936593302 List Price: $125.00
Open Systems Standards by McCarron, Shane, UniForum S... ISBN: 9780936593319
Designing and Leading Open System Organizations by Williams, Jane ISBN: 9780070704183
Open Systems Products Directory, 1996 by Uniforum Staff ISBN: 9780614108026 List Price: $125.00
Inside Appletalk : Japanese Edition by Apple Computers, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780201556728
Open System : Cooperative Computing in the 1990's by King, David ISBN: 9780201548358
Open System Networking by Unknown ISBN: 9780201420333
Guidebook of Open System Foundation Distributed Computing Environment by Open System Foundation Staff ISBN: 9780201594669
Procuring Open Systems by X-Open Staff ISBN: 9780132666367 List Price: $45.00
X-Open SQL and RDA by X-Open Staff ISBN: 9780133535587 List Price: $50.00
CPI-C: X-Open CAE Specification - X-Open Staff - Paperback by X-Open Staff ISBN: 9780133535334 List Price: $50.00
Basics Book of OSI and Networking Management - Motorola Codex - Paperback by Motorola Codex Staff ISBN: 9780201563719 List Price: $17.99
OSI-Abstract-Data-Manipulation API (XOM), Vol. 2 - X-Open Staff - Paperback by X-Open Staff ISBN: 9780133535259 List Price: $35.00
Integration of Graphics and OSI Standards by Day, R. A. ISBN: 9780387570150 List Price: $47.95
Open Systems: The Reality by Critchley, Terry, Batty, K.... ISBN: 9780130307354 List Price: $53.00
Data Communications Computer Networks and OSI by Halsall, Fred ISBN: 9780201182446 List Price: $36.76
X/Open CAE Specification Distributed Transaction Processing Cpi-C Specification, Version 2 by Prentice-Hall Staff ISBN: 9780134964072 List Price: $59.00
X/Open Framework and Models by X-Open Staff ISBN: 9780133534429 List Price: $35.00
Communications for Cooperating Systems: OSI, SNA, and TCP-IP by Cypser, Rudolph J. ISBN: 9780201507751
Planning and Managing AppleTalk Networks by Apple Computers, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780201523454 List Price: $24.95
Data Communications and Computer Networks: For Computer Scientists and Engineers by Michael Duck, Richard Read ISBN: 9780130930477 List Price: $95.00
Appn Primer A Guide to Advanced Peer-To-Peer Networking by Unknown ISBN: 9780788123412 List Price: $15.00
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