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Enterprise applications is a huge area of interest for those studying anything to do with computers. Now you can make your studies cheaper than ever when you buy business intelligence tools textbooks online from our website. Make sure Valore Books is always the first place you think of when you need more information. We've got a superb selection that is bound to help you. Look for Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems; Business Intelligence; Sap R/3 Handbook; and Sap Release 3: Enterprise Software - Online Course. There are many other options to consider as well, so you can always get the cheapest and best deals from Valore Books. Remember you can also sell your business intelligence tools books back if you ever need to. Why let them go to waste when others can take advantage of them? When you have our website to sell back to, you don't need to waste anything.

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Business Intelligence by Sabherwal, Rajiv, Becerra-F... ISBN: 9780470461709 List Price: $70.95
Managing Sap R/3 with Tivoli by Uelpenich, Stefan ISBN: 9780130150370
WP Stand Alone Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems by Magal ISBN: 9780470923627 List Price: $63.95
Sap R/3 Handbook by Hernandez, Jose Antonio ISBN: 9780071354134 List Price: $59.99
Sap R/3 System:client/server Technology by Buck-Emden, Rudiger, Galimo... ISBN: 9780201403503 List Price: $29.95
SAP R/3 Enterprise Software An Introduction by Hayen, Roger ISBN: 9780072990676
SAP R/3 Transaction Codes Reference Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780536601964 List Price: $92.00
Crystal Reports 9 for Dummies-apdf by Taylor, Roger ISBN: 9780764518195 List Price: $24.99
R-3 Administration - Liane Will - Hardcover - BK&DISK by Will, Liane, Hienger, Chris... ISBN: 9780201924695 List Price: $49.99
Business Objects Companion by Jackson, David ISBN: 9780139774065
P I : Course Workbook by WISNIEWSKI, Diane ISBN: 9781524978914 List Price: $50.00
Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence by Bulusu, Lakshman ISBN: 9781138374225
Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence by Bulusu, Lakshman ISBN: 9781439816417
SAP S/4HANA Finance : An Introduction by Kr�ger, Jens ISBN: 9781493213856
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