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Transmedia Frictions : The Digital, the Arts, and the Humanities by Kinder, Marsha, McPherson, ... ISBN: 9780520281851
Digital Literacies by Gillen, Julia ISBN: 9780415660938
Buddhism, the Internet, and Digital Media : The Pixel in the Lotus by Grieve, Gregory Price, Veid... ISBN: 9780415721660
Arc and the Machine : Narrative and New Media by Bassett, Caroline, Manchest... ISBN: 9780719073434
Digital Media Worlds : The New Economy of Media by de Prato, Giuditta, Sanz, E... ISBN: 9781137344243
Digital Literacies by Gillen, Julia ISBN: 9780415660891
Lumi�re Galaxy : Seven Key Words for the Cinema to Come by Casetti, Francesco ISBN: 9780231172431
End of Cinema? : A Medium in Crisis in the Digital Age by Gaudreault, Andre, Marion, ... ISBN: 9780231173575
Media and Education in the Digital Age : Concepts, Assessments, Subversions by Stocchetti, Matteo ISBN: 9783631651544 List Price: $78.95
Adult Basic Education in the Age of New Literacies by Jacobson, Erik ISBN: 9781433106002 List Price: $139.95
Adult Basic Education in the Age of New Literacies by Jacobson, Erik ISBN: 9781433105999 List Price: $35.95
Digital Media Usage Across the Lifecourse by Nixon, Paul G., Andr, Raj R... ISBN: 9781472455802
Routledge Handbook of Digital Media and Communication in Society by Lievrouw, Leah A., Loader, ... ISBN: 9781138672093
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