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Modeling and Designing Accounting Systems Using Access To Build A Database by Ingraham, Laura R., Chang, ... ISBN: 9780471450870 List Price: $71.95
Planning and Designing the Data Warehouse by Barquin, Ramon, Edelstein, ... ISBN: 9780132557467
Database Systems Practical Approach To Design, Implementation And Management by Connolly, Thomas, Begg, Car... ISBN: 9780201708578 List Price: $85.00
Database Principles, Programming, Performance by O'Neil, Patrick, O'Neil, El... ISBN: 9781558604384 List Price: $124.00
Database System Concepts by Korth, Henry F., Silberscha... ISBN: 9780072958867 List Price: $147.38
Databases Design, Development, and Deployment Using Microsoft Access by Rob, Peter, Semaan, Elie ISBN: 9780072886306
Entity-Relationship Approach-Er '92 11th International Conference on the Entity-Relationship... by Pernul, G√ľnther, Tjoa, A. M. ISBN: 9780387560236 List Price: $84.95
Fuzzy Logic in Data Modeling Semantics, Constraints, and Database Design by Chen, Guoqing ISBN: 9780792382539 List Price: $189.00
Principles of Database Design: Logical Organizations by Yao, S. Bing ISBN: 9780137088768 List Price: $75.00
Database Systems by Rob, Peter, Coronel, Carlos ISBN: 9780760049044 List Price: $49.50
Database Management and Design by Hansen, Gary W., Hansen, Ja... ISBN: 9780133088007 List Price: $155.20
Information Modeling The Express Way by Schenck, Douglas A., Wilson... ISBN: 9780195087147 List Price: $260.00
Database Solutions A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Databases by Connolly, Thomas M., Begg, ... ISBN: 9780321173508 List Price: $81.20
Creating Effective Database Applications by Schiffman ISBN: 9780030074738
Set Model for Database and Information Systems by Gilula, Mikhail ISBN: 9780201593792 List Price: $46.00
Database Design, Application Development, and Administration by Mannino, Michael V. ISBN: 9780072823509 List Price: $138.13
50 Data Modeling Templates in IDEFIX by Tyler, Anita R., Hill, Stev... ISBN: 9781886717022 List Price: $39.95
Introduction to Data Modeling Using IDEFIX : For Better Database Designs by Hill, Steven C., Robinson, ... ISBN: 9781886717039 List Price: $39.95
Database : Model Languages and Design by Johnson, James ISBN: 9780201602623
Database Design and Applications Development Using Access by Rob, Peter, Williams, Treyton ISBN: 9780079120205
Olap Database Design Delivering on the Promise of the Data Warehouse by Bulos, Dan, Forsman, Sarah ISBN: 9781558605251 List Price: $49.95
Database Systems: Implementation and Management by Rob, Peter, Coronel, Carlos ISBN: 9780534170523 List Price: $56.95
Design and Implementation of Large Spatial Databases by Buchmann, A. ISBN: 9780387522081 List Price: $38.60
Databases Design, Development, & Deployment Using Microsoft Access by Rob, Peter ISBN: 9780072369106 List Price: $78.85
Database Design and Implementation by Unknown ISBN: 9780132032339 List Price: $30.75
Enterprise Data Integration by Angell, Robert ISBN: 9780137544097 List Price: $49.00
Geometric Modeling of Fractal Forms for CAD by Gentil, Christian, Gouaty, ... ISBN: 9781119831754 List Price: $165.00
Real World AI Ethics for Data Scientists : Practical Case Studies by Goltz, Nachshon (Sean), Dow... ISBN: 9781032275062
Real World AI Ethics for Data Scientists : Practical Case Studies by Goltz, Nachshon (Sean), Dow... ISBN: 9781032275055
Semantic AI in Knowledge Graphs by Tiwari, Sanju, Ortiz Rodrig... ISBN: 9781032321851 List Price: $130.00
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