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If you love a good dose of fright you'll love the chance you now have to buy cheap horror textbooks that will help you discover the best of this part of manga. When you have a tight budget to work with, it makes sense to get the cheapest deals you can - and Valore Books can help. You can get the likes of Day of the Field Trip Zombies and many other amusing titles in this area. With affordable prices attached to all these books you can buy used horror textbooks to enjoy over and over again. We start our prices at just a few cents so you can always get the best and cheapest deals when you try our website. We buy back horror books as well, so make sure you don't forget our website when it comes to doing this. You'll be glad you found our website in the first place!

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Day of the Field Trip Zombies by Nickel, Scott, Hohnstadt, C... ISBN: 9781598898347 List Price: $21.26
Day of the Field Trip Zombies by Nickel, Scott, Hohnstadt, C... ISBN: 9781598898903
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 8 by Ishida, Sui ISBN: 9781421580432
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 7 by Ishida, Sui ISBN: 9781421580425
Judge, Vol. 5 by Tonogai, Yoshiki ISBN: 9780316240352
Soichi: Junji Ito Story Collection by Ito, Junji ISBN: 9781974739028
Goodbye, Eri by Fujimoto, Tatsuki ISBN: 9781974738939
Betwixt : A Horror Manga Anthology by Hanada, Ryo, Shimizu, Aki, ... ISBN: 9781974741458
Dandadan, Vol. 4 by Tatsu, Yukinobu ISBN: 9781974737444
Boy's Abyss, Vol. 2 by Minenami, Ryo ISBN: 9781974737420
In/Spectre 19 by Shirodaira, Kyo, Katase, Ch... ISBN: 9781646517084
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