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Marketing is a fascinating topic to study, and there are many subdivisions and topics you'll want to find out more about. Here you can buy cheap direct marketing textbooks to enable you to learn more about this form of marketing. Look for Contemporary Direct and Interactive Marketing; Advertising, Promotion and Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications; Casino Marketing: Theories and Applications, and Direct Marketing Strategy, Planning, Execution among other books. We stock a vast range of discounted and pre-owned titles you will love to read. You can also rent used direct marketing textbooks if you wish, enabling you to expand your collection and knowledge by renting books for a short period before returning them. We specialize in providing all manner of affordable text books on this topic so if you want to learn more about marketing you can buy direct marketing textbooks online from our website now. Remember we buy back direct marketing books too.

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Casino Marketing: Theories and Applications by Hashimoto, Kathryn ISBN: 9780131996144 List Price: $61.80
Direct Marketing in Action Cutting-Edge Strategies for Finding and Keeping the Best Customers by Thomas, Andrew R., Lewison,... ISBN: 9780275992231 List Price: $49.95
Direct Marketing Strategy, Planning, Execution by Nash, Edward L. ISBN: 9780071352871 List Price: $64.95
Direct Marketing by Katzenstein, Herbert, Sachs... ISBN: 9780023624254 List Price: $69.33
Successful Direct Marketing in a Week : Teach Yourself by Manser, Martin ISBN: 9781473601949 List Price: $12.00
Direct and Digital Marketing in Practice by Thomas, Brian, Housden, Mat... ISBN: 9781472939098
Contemporary Direct Marketing by Spiller, Lisa, Baier, Martin ISBN: 9780131017702 List Price: $128.67
Business-to-Business Dma Gd by Dma (Zeller) ISBN: 9780840371089 List Price: $7.90
Creating Lead Generation Offers That Work by Goldberg, Bernie ISBN: 9781879644083 List Price: $12.95
Insurance Direct Marketing by Martin, Tony ISBN: 9780785541387
World Direct : The RMI Directory of UK Direct Marketing Suppliers by Unknown ISBN: 9780788103889 List Price: $75.00
Deceptive Sweepstakes Mailings : Congressinal Hearing by McHugh, John M. ISBN: 9780756714215 List Price: $45.00
Deceptive Mailings and Sweepstakes Promotions : Congressional Hearing by Collins, Susan M. ISBN: 9780756701468 List Price: $35.00
Hidden Opertors of Deceptive Mailings : Congressional Hearings by Collins, Susan M. ISBN: 9780756701543 List Price: $35.00
What's in It for Us : Utilization of Design, Graphics and Production in Direct Marketing by Spivack, Irwin H., Spivack,... ISBN: 9780966943801 List Price: $29.95
Direct Marketing Proven by Retzler, Kathryn ISBN: 9780673380883 List Price: $24.00
Direct Marketing Guide to Canada by Delphos, William A. ISBN: 9780788123610 List Price: $45.00
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing : Concepts and Cases by Chowdhary, Nimit, Prakash, ... ISBN: 9781032318981 List Price: $170.00
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing : Concepts and Cases by Chowdhary, Nimit, Prakash, ... ISBN: 9781032525839 List Price: $48.95
Visible! : Attracting Customers in a Distracted World by Pott, Oliver, Bargfrede, Jan ISBN: 9783593517117
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