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Concise Economic History of the World From Paleolithic Times to the Present by Cameron, Rondo, Neal, Larry ISBN: 9780195127058 List Price: $69.95
Making of Economic Society by Milberg, William, Heilbrone... ISBN: 9780131704251 List Price: $91.00
International Money Postwar Trends and Theories by De Grauwe, Paul ISBN: 9780198775133 List Price: $70.00
World Economic Primacy 1500 To 1990 by Kindleberger, Charles P. ISBN: 9780195099027 List Price: $95.00
Citizens Europe In Search of a New Order by Rosas, Allan, Antola, Esko ISBN: 9780803975613 List Price: $48.95
Poverty/Privilege : A Reader for Writers by Mick, Connie Synder ISBN: 9780199361250 List Price: $37.95
Structure and Change in Economic History by North, Douglass Cecil ISBN: 9780393952414 List Price: $16.00
World Economy in Transition by Beenstock, Michael ISBN: 9780043390337 List Price: $34.95
Did Monetary Forces Cause the Great Depression? by Temin, Peter ISBN: 9780393092097 List Price: $18.50
China's Economic and Social Problems by Chow, Gregory C. ISBN: 9789814590402
China's Economic and Social Problems by Chow, Gregory C. ISBN: 9789814590419
Race,gender+work by Arnott, Teresa, Matthei, Julie ISBN: 9780896083769 List Price: $18.00
Coordination in Transition : The Netherlands and the World Economy, 1950-2010 by Touwen, Jeroen (L. J. ) ISBN: 9789004272552 List Price: $154.00
Contours of the World Economy 1-2030 AD by Maddison, Angus ISBN: 9780199227204 List Price: $45.95
The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy by Reinert, Kenneth A., Glass,... ISBN: 9780691128122
History of Econometric Ideas by Morgan, Mary S., Goodwin, C... ISBN: 9780521424653 List Price: $46.00
Farewell to Alms A Brief Economic History of the World by Clark, Gregory ISBN: 9780691121352 List Price: $29.95
The Making of Economic Society by Heilbroner, Robert L., Milb... ISBN: 9780130910509 List Price: $71.33
Essays on the Great Depression by Bernanke, Ben S. ISBN: 9780691118208 List Price: $24.95
Business History: Complexities and Comparisons by Amatori, Franco, Colli, Andrea ISBN: 9780415423977
Contours of the World Economy 1-2030 Ad by Maddison, Angus ISBN: 9780199227211 List Price: $99.00
Production and Consumption in English Households, 1600-1750 by Dean, Darron, Nfa, Andrew H... ISBN: 9780415651073
Chinese Capitalism and the Modernist Vision by Gabriel, Satyananda ISBN: 9780415648820
Creating Adaptive Policies: A Guide for Policymaking in an Uncertain World by Swanson, Darren, Bhadwal, S... ISBN: 9788132101475 List Price: $29.95
Financial Structure and Income Distribution by Tymoigne, Eric, Wray, L. Ra... ISBN: 9780415591935
Great Depression: People and Perspectives (Perspectives in American Social History) by Cravens, Hamilton, Cravens,... ISBN: 9781598840933 List Price: $85.00
Economic Issues and the American Past - Roger LeRoy Miller - Paperback by Miller, Roger LeRoy, Walton... ISBN: 9780060445096 List Price: $12.50
Land Resources Now and for the Future by Young, Anthony ISBN: 9780521785594 List Price: $67.99
And a Time for Hope Americans in the Great Depression by McGovern, James R. ISBN: 9780275975449 List Price: $35.00
Diversity and Transformations of Asian Capitalisms by Boyer, Robert, Uemura, Hiro... ISBN: 9780415704304
1992 Project and the Future of Integration in Europe by Smith, Dale L., Ray, James Lee ISBN: 9781563242557 List Price: $45.95
East Asia, Globalization and the New Economy by Adams, F. Gerard ISBN: 9780415647304
IMF and Global Financial Crises : Phoenix Rising? by Joyce, Joseph P. ISBN: 9781107436862 List Price: $34.99
Russian Path Dependence : A People with a Troubled History by Hedlund, Stefan ISBN: 9780415651592
Explaining Long-Term Economic Change by Anderson, J. L. ISBN: 9780521557849 List Price: $25.99
Crisis and Innovation in Asian Technology by Keller, William W., Samuels... ISBN: 9780521818711 List Price: $95.00
Vulnerable People, Vulnerable States : Redefining the Development Challenge by Bromley, Daniel, Anderson, ... ISBN: 9780415534543
Developing Nations by Miller, Debra A. ISBN: 9780737756142 List Price: $28.35
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