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One important area of business economics will be familiar to students of this discipline. It is the area of decision making and problem solving. If you have been searching for specific books in this area, look no further because we have hundreds of the best titles on this subject. Do you want to learn about quantitative analysis, risk management, financial institutions and auditing? Whatever topic you want information on, you can rent used decision making and problem solving textbooks directly from our marketplace today. For affordable text books aimed at business economics students, we have the best range of cut price books you'll ever need. You can rent some titles and buy others, and often you've got the choice of both. Make the right decision to use our services and look forward to the cheapest purchases you'll ever make! Don't forget you can sell your decision making and problem solving books back as well.

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Risk Management by Vaughan, Emmett J. ISBN: 9780471107590 List Price: $158.95
Group Techniques (with InfoTrac) by Corey, Gerald, Corey, Maria... ISBN: 9780534612696 List Price: $53.95
Problem Solving and Programming Concepts by Sprankle, Maureen, Hubbard,... ISBN: 9780132492645 List Price: $153.80
Quantitative Analysis for Management by Render, Barry, Stair, Ralph... ISBN: 9780136036258 List Price: $206.67
Risk Management and Financial Institutions by Hull, John C., Hull, John ISBN: 9780136102953 List Price: $180.00
Quantitative Methods for Business (5th Edition) by Waters, Donald ISBN: 9780273739470 List Price: $173.33
Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice by Galanes, Gloria, Adams, Kat... ISBN: 9780073385143 List Price: $103.44
Succeeding in Business With Microsoft Office Excel 2007 by Gross, Debra, Akaiwa, Frank... ISBN: 9781423906056 List Price: $114.95
Code Red in the Boardroom Crisis Management As Organizational DNA by Coombs, W. Timothy ISBN: 9780275989125 List Price: $39.95
Risk Takers: Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives by Marthinsen, John E. ISBN: 9780321542564 List Price: $46.67
Risk Management and Insurance by Trieschmann, James S., Gust... ISBN: 9780324183207 List Price: $220.95
Ongoing Crisis Communication Planning, Managing, and Responding by Coombs, W. Timothy ISBN: 9780761913207 List Price: $49.95
Governing a Crisis by Bennett, W. Lance ISBN: 9780312116156 List Price: $34.95
Problem Solving and Programming by Sprankle, Maureen, Hubbard,... ISBN: 9780136060604 List Price: $113.00
Project Management The Managerial Process With Student Cd-Rom by Gray, Clifford F., Larson, ... ISBN: 9780072833485 List Price: $157.30
Crisis Negotiations: Managing Critical Incidents and Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement a... by McMains, Michael J., Mullin... ISBN: 9781422463239 List Price: $63.95
Groups Theory and Experience by Napier, Rodney W., Gershenf... ISBN: 9780618270446 List Price: $69.95
Auditing: A Business Risk Approach by Rittenberg, Larry E., Johns... ISBN: 9780324658040 List Price: $235.95
Mastering Risk Modelling: A Practical Guide to Modelling Uncertainty With Microsoft Excel (F... by Day, Alastair, Day, Alastai... ISBN: 9780273719298 List Price: $69.99
Quantitative Risk Management Concepts, Techniques And Tools by McNeil, Alexander J., Frey,... ISBN: 9780691122557 List Price: $85.00
Politics of Crisis Management Public Leadership Under Pressure by Boin, Arjen, Stern, Eric, S... ISBN: 9780521607339 List Price: $39.00
Economic and Financial Decisions under Risk by Eeckhoudt, Louis, Gollier, ... ISBN: 9780691122151 List Price: $45.00
Strategic Decision Making Multiobjective Decision Analysis With Spreadsheets by Kirkwood, Craig W. ISBN: 9780534516925 List Price: $119.95
Financial Institutions Management by Saunders, Anthony, Cornett,... ISBN: 9780077211332 List Price: $182.19
Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers by Wisniewski, Mik ISBN: 9780273712077 List Price: $166.60
Making Hard Decisions With Decision Tools by Clemen, Robert T., Reilly, ... ISBN: 9780534365974 List Price: $154.95
Group Creativity Innovation Through Collaboration by Paulus, Paul B., Nijstad, B... ISBN: 9780195147308 List Price: $49.95
Crisis Communication: Theory and Practice by Zaremba, Alan Jay ISBN: 9780765620521 List Price: $34.95
Welfare State As Piggy Bank Information, Risk, Uncertainty, and the Role of the State by Barr, N. A., Barr, Nicholas ISBN: 9780199246595 List Price: $74.00
Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools Suite: Update 2004 Edition by Clemen, Robert T., Reilly, ... ISBN: 9780534421991 List Price: $125.95
The Aesthetics of Risk: SoCCAS Symposium Vol. III by Shiff, Richard, Crimp, Doug... ISBN: 9783905770551
Decision Tools Suite by Palisade Corporation Staff ISBN: 9780534359195 List Price: $27.95
Modern Project Finance A Casebook by Esty, Benjamin C. ISBN: 9780471434252 List Price: $114.95
Data, Statistics, and Decision Models With Excel by Harnett, Donald L., Horrell... ISBN: 9780471133988 List Price: $67.57
Crime and Risk (Compact Criminology) by O'Malley, Patrick ISBN: 9781847873514 List Price: $27.95
Communication and Organizational Crisis by Seeger, Matthew W., Sellnow... ISBN: 9781567205343 List Price: $75.00
Risk and Reason Safety, Law, and the Environment by Sunstein, Cass R. ISBN: 9780521016254 List Price: $31.99
Derivatives Valuation and Risk Management by Dubofsky, David A., Miller,... ISBN: 9780195114706 List Price: $119.00
Think Tanks, Public Policy, and the Politics of Expertise by Rich, Andrew ISBN: 9780521673945 List Price: $33.99
Bio-Inspired Credit Risk Analysis by Yu, Lean, Wang, Shouyang, L... ISBN: 9783540778028 List Price: $139.00
Risk and Reason Safety, Law, and the Environment by Sunstein, Cass R. ISBN: 9780521791991 List Price: $39.00
Modern Financial Markets by Blackwell, David W., Griffi... ISBN: 9780470000106 List Price: $178.95
Megaprojects and Risk An Anatomy of Ambition by Flyvbjerg, Bent, Bruzelius,... ISBN: 9780521009461 List Price: $30.99
Risk Analysis In Engineering Techniques, Tools, And Trends by Modarres, Mohammad ISBN: 9781574447941 List Price: $136.95
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