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If you have an interest in business and economics and you want to find out more about consultation work, you can do so here. There is no need to spend huge amounts when you buy used consulting textbooks from us either - you can get the cheapest prices for pre-owned titles here and now. Look through several dozen titles today and choose from examples such as Process Consultation Revisited: Building the Helping Relationship; Principles of Dynamics; Contemporary Consultant, and Management Consulting. We have many other titles available as well, and you can even rent cheap consulting textbooks if you wish. We make some available for short periods such as a semester or for a quarter, depending on how long you need them for. With discounted offers available every single day, you can find affordable prices and get the best deals on all your college text books in this subject area.

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Principles of Dynamics by Greenfield, Wendy M., Green... ISBN: 9780137099818 List Price: $132.67
Management Consulting by Wickham, Philip A., Wickham... ISBN: 9780273711841 List Price: $122.67
Your Personal Style by Plummer, Nancy ISBN: 9781563675904 List Price: $68.00
The Seven Cs of Consulting by Cope, Mick ISBN: 9780273731085 List Price: $29.99
Management of Knowledge-Intensive Companies by Alvesson, Mats ISBN: 9783110128659 List Price: $118.80
Management Consulting Theory and Tools for Small Business Interventions by Porth, Stephen J., Saltis, ... ISBN: 9780873937375 List Price: $39.95
Role of the Internal Consultant - Fritz Steele - Hardcover by Steele, Fritz ISBN: 9780442280710 List Price: $22.95
Experiential Student Team Consulting Process A Guidebook for Students, Clients & Instructors by Cook, Ron, Belliveau, Paul ISBN: 9780759393349 List Price: $38.95
Management Consulting Delivering An Effective Project by Wickham, Philip A. ISBN: 9780273683476 List Price: $98.40
Process Consultation: Its Role in Organization Development by Schein, Edgar H. ISBN: 9780201067330 List Price: $16.25
Professional Profile of Management Consultants : A Body of Expertise, Skills and Attributes by Association of Management C... ISBN: 9780614003017 List Price: $15.00
Internal Consulting The "Must Have" Skill for Everyone Who Is Professional by Ouellette, L. Paul ISBN: 9780787220877 List Price: $29.95
Contemporary Consultant by Olson, Thomas, Greiner, Lar... ISBN: 9780324290196 List Price: $76.95
CONSULTING TO MANAGEMENT by Greiner, Larry E. ISBN: 9780131691285 List Price: $40.95
Small-Business Consulting by Arnold, Hugh ISBN: 9780963997401 List Price: $16.00
Manual for Selection of Consultants by Ahoy, Christopher K., King,... ISBN: 9780317909760 List Price: $85.00
ACME 1994 Survey of European Key Management Information by Association of Management C... ISBN: 9780614003055 List Price: $75.00
Careers in Management Consulting : An Overview of Professional Opportunities by Association of Management C... ISBN: 9780614003024 List Price: $50.00
ACME 1994 Survey of European Key Management Information by Association of Management C... ISBN: 9780614003048 List Price: $295.00
Managing by Consultation : Global and Asian Experience by Kuppachi, Rama M. ISBN: 9780803994348
Consulting Success Using Higher Performance Standards: Taking Charge of Your Reputation for ... by Venardos, Thomas J., Crow, ... ISBN: 9780963912770 List Price: $29.95
Principles and Practices of Professional Consulting by Stryker, Steven C. ISBN: 9780930686178 List Price: $29.00
Management Consulting by Cole, Edward G. ISBN: 9781568701394 List Price: $17.74
Confronting the Experts by Martin, Brian P. ISBN: 9780791429136 List Price: $22.50
Management Consulting : Delivering an Effective Project by Wickham, Louise, Wilcock, J... ISBN: 9781292127606
Consultants Business Development Guide by Keyes, Carol, Keyes, Carol,... ISBN: 9780939874071
Directory of Management Consultants by Unknown ISBN: 9780317556278
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