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Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis by Shapiro, Alan C. ISBN: 9780130660909 List Price: $63.00
Budgeting Profit Planning and Control by Welsch, Glenn A., Hilton, R... ISBN: 9780130857545 List Price: $146.00
Capital Budgeting and Long-Term Financing Decisions by Seitz, Neil, Ellison, Mitch ISBN: 9780324258080 List Price: $203.95
Capital Budgeting: Theory, Quantitative Methods and Applications by Herbst, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780060427955 List Price: $32.50
Budgeting Basics+beyond by Shim, Jae K., Siegel, Joel G. ISBN: 9780130855725 List Price: $49.95
Capital Budgeting under Uncertainty - Raj K. Aggarwal - Hardcover by Aggarwal, Raj K. ISBN: 9780131172500 List Price: $78.00
Control Presupuestario by Unknown ISBN: 9780201621945 List Price: $14.00
Quantitative Methods for Capital Budgeting by Seitz, Neil E. ISBN: 9780538060806 List Price: $34.25
Controller Involvement in Management by Sathe, Vijay V. ISBN: 9780131716605 List Price: $42.00
Complete Budgeting Workbook and Guide - Jae K. Shim - Hardcover by Shim, Jae K., Siegel, Joel G. ISBN: 9780130855640 List Price: $69.95
Capital Budgeting in Government Principles and Applications by Khan, Aman ISBN: 9781420046571 List Price: $129.95
Advanced Capital Budgeting Refinements in the Economic Analysis of Investment Projects by Bierman, Harold, Jr., Smidt... ISBN: 9780324407488 List Price: $120.95
Current Practice in Program Budgeting - David Novick - Hardcover by Novick, David ISBN: 9780844801537 List Price: $18.50
Capital Budgeting under Conditions of Uncertainty - Roy L. Crum - Library Binding by Crum, Roy L., Derkinderen, ... ISBN: 9780898380453 List Price: $103.00
Budgetary Treatment of Leases and Public/Private Ventures by Clay-Mendez, Deborah, Ander... ISBN: 9780756733025 List Price: $20.00
Budgeting : Profit Planning and Control by Unknown ISBN: 9780130857705 List Price: $14.20
Developing Control Concepts in the Twentieth Century by Parker, Lee D. ISBN: 9781138967489
Capital Budgeting by Goel, Sandeep ISBN: 9781606499863 List Price: $43.95
Business Forecasting : The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Gilliland, Michael, Tashman... ISBN: 9781119782605 List Price: $60.00
Budgeting Basics and Beyond by Shim, Jae K., Siegel, Joel G. ISBN: 9781118106754 List Price: $110.95
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