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If you have a passion for subjects relating to mind, body and spirit, we can provide you with the chance to buy Feng Shui textbooks online at the most affordable prices. Some of these titles are available to rent as well - check each individual one to look at the options. If you can find the cheapest deals on titles such as Small Changes, Dynamic Results and An Introduction to Feng Shui, you will keep more cash in your pocket and still get the information you need. Choose your next college text book from the Valore Books website today and ensure you have the discounted and affordable deals you want. Pre-owned titles including Feng Shui: The Invisible Art of Communication and Janet's Little Book of Feng Shui are superb investments in your knowledge of this area. Be sure to buy cheap Feng Shui textbooks now and seize this chance to get the most affordable and easy to read books on this topic.

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An Introduction to Feng Shui by Bruun, Ole ISBN: 9780521682176 List Price: $26.99
Small Changes, Dynamic Results! by Jewell, Kate ISBN: 9780977355105 List Price: $13.86
An Introduction to Feng Shui by Bruun, Ole ISBN: 9780521863520 List Price: $95.00
Janet's Little Book of Feng Shui (Activate Your Inner Power) by Hicks, Janet ISBN: 9780970124203 List Price: $18.99
Small Changes, Dynamic Results! : Feng Shui for the Western World by Unknown ISBN: 9780977355112 List Price: $13.86
Lillian Too's 168 Ways to Declutter Your Home by Too, Lillian ISBN: 9781782490814
P'ungsu : A Study of Geomancy in Korea by Yoon, Hong-Key ISBN: 9781438468693
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