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Bibles come in many different forms, languages and editions. Therefore it can be tricky to locate the specific one you need to help your religious course at college. This is where Valore Books comes in. We can take the hard work out of locating the Bibles you need, because you'll find it easy to buy multiple translations textbooks online from this very site. These can be among the hardest Bibles to locate, because you are looking for a specific translation rather than a particular edition. We've made it easier to find the ideal copy because we list everything we have in stock at any one time. Rent used multiple translations textbooks too if you wish; you may find you have no need to buy every version you want. We buy back multiple translations books as well, so if you have one or more copies of these Bibles, get in touch and we'll make a price offer.

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God Speaks Your Language : Why Bible Translation and Study Bibles Matter by Brake, Donald L. ISBN: 9781666753189 List Price: $42.00
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