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Contemporary art history is a topic all in itself, so if you want to find out more about it, it pays to get the right text books. Fortunately this is easy when you buy cheap contemporary (1945-) textbooks from Valore Books. We provide a wide range of pre-owned and thus very affordable books for you to consider. Look out for the likes of Contemporary Art: World Currents; Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual Art after 1980; Pollock and After the Critical Debate; and Sigmar Polke: Join the Dots. With great deals available on all our titles and the chance to save well over 50% on many of the books as well, we can provide American college students with a place to come for great deals. Our prices are easy to see in red, and the percentage discounts are easy to find as well. Why not take a closer look and buy used contemporary (1945-) textbooks from our collection today?

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Why Is That Art? Aesthetics and Criticism of Contemporary Art by Barrett, Terry ISBN: 9780195167429 List Price: $35.95
Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual Art after 1980 by Robertson, Jean, McDaniel, ... ISBN: 9780195367577 List Price: $39.95
Asian Art History in the Twenty-first Century by Desai, Vishakha N. ISBN: 9780300125535 List Price: $24.95
Collecting the New Museums and Contemporary Art by Altshuler, Bruce ISBN: 9780691119403 List Price: $55.00
Pollock and After The Critical Debate by Frascina, Francis ISBN: 9780415228671 List Price: $39.95
Abstract Expressionism+modern Exper. by Polcari, Stephen ISBN: 9780521404532 List Price: $85.00
Themes Of Contemporary Art Visual Art After 1980 by Robertson, Jean, McDaniel, ... ISBN: 9780195162158 List Price: $37.95
Paper Trails Prints, Drawings and Watercolors of the San Francisco School of Abstract Expres... by Landauer, Susan, Hilger, Ch... ISBN: 9780945952008 List Price: $12.00
Modern Dreams: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Pop by Wallis, Brian, Finkelpearl,... ISBN: 9780262231381 List Price: $40.00
Hi Fructose Collected Edition 4 Box Set by Owens, Annie ISBN: 9780867198607
Articulations - Undefining Chinese Contemporary Art by Silbergeld, Jerome, Ching, ... ISBN: 9780691148601
Beyond Critique : Contemporary Art in Theory, Practice, and Instruction by Fraser, Pamela, Rothman, Ro... ISBN: 9781501323461
Pop Art Contemporary Perspectives by Wilmerding, John, Foster, Hal ISBN: 9780300122121 List Price: $30.00
Abstract Expressionism and the Modern Experience by Polcari, Stephen ISBN: 9780521448260 List Price: $37.99
Survey of Contemporary Art since 1938 by Hiles ISBN: 9780534639273
Minimalism:origins by Strickland, Edward ISBN: 9780253354990 List Price: $31.95
Occlusion: Principles and Concepts by Dos Santos, Jose P., Jr. ISBN: 9781563860355 List Price: $34.50
Art 2002 by Clark, Carol Lea, Witcombe,... ISBN: 9780759306882 List Price: $15.95
Pose : Couple's Therapy by Pose ISBN: 9781584236184
Hugo Boss Prize 2016 : 20 Years by Solomon R. Guggenheim Found... ISBN: 9780892075249
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