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License to Harass Law, Hierarchy, and Offensive Public Speech by Nielsen, Laura Beth ISBN: 9780691126104 List Price: $27.95
Site Planning Environment, Process and Development by Brooks, Gene ISBN: 9780138112585 List Price: $129.20
Urban Open Space Designing for User Needs by Francis, Mark, Landscape Ar... ISBN: 9781559631136 List Price: $25.00
Before Building: Site Planning in the Digital Age by Brooks, R. Gene, Lestage, D... ISBN: 9780135080696
Transformations of Public Space by De Cauter, Lieven, Dehaene,... ISBN: 9780415422888
Squares A Public Space Design Guide for Urbanists by Childs, Mark C. ISBN: 9780826330048 List Price: $27.95
Ecology of Greenways by Smith, Daniel S., Hellmund,... ISBN: 9780816621576 List Price: $39.95
Imagine Architecture : Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm by Feireiss, Lukas, Klanten, R... ISBN: 9783899555448
Politics of Civic Space in Asia : Building Urban Communities by Daniere, Amrita, Douglass, ... ISBN: 9780415542425
What Is the Point of Community Architecture? by Scott, J, Jenks, Michael H. ISBN: 9780785538288
Urban Space And Cityscapes Perspectives from Modern And Contemporary Culture by Lindner, Christoph ISBN: 9780415366533 List Price: $41.95
Urban Space and Cityscapes Perspectives from Modern and Contemporary Culture by Lindner, Christoph ISBN: 9780415366526 List Price: $145.00
Public Places and Spaces - Irwin Altman - Hardcover by Altman, I., Zube, Ervin H. ISBN: 9780306430794 List Price: $60.00
Voices in the Street Explorations in Gender, Media and Public Space by Drucker, Susan J., Gumpert,... ISBN: 9781572730168 List Price: $72.50
Sex, Time and Place : Queer Histories of London, C.1850 to the Present by Avery, Simon, Graham, Kathe... ISBN: 9781474234931
Young Homeless People and Urban Space by Jackson, Emma ISBN: 9780415722162
Urban Spaces in Japan : Cultural and Social Perspectives by Brumann, Christoph, Schulz,... ISBN: 9781138857421
Selling Security by Wakefield, Alison ISBN: 9781138861428
Public Space by Mehta, Vikas ISBN: 9781138785465
Tuff City : Urban Change and Contested Space in Central Naples by Dines, Nicholas T. ISBN: 9781782389118 List Price: $34.95
Publics and the City by Iveson, Kurt ISBN: 9780470761748 List Price: $100.00
Street : A Quintessential Social Public Space by Mehta, Vikas ISBN: 9780415737296
Convivial Urban Spaces : Creating Effective Public Places by Shaftoe, Henry ISBN: 9781138966703
Cultural Transformations of the Public Sphere : Contemporary and Historical Perspectives by Fischer, Bernd, Mergenthale... ISBN: 9783034309912 List Price: $77.95
Regional Planning for Open Space by van der Valk, Arnold, van D... ISBN: 9781138984882
Voice Book : Revised Edition by McCallion, Michael ISBN: 9781138137646
Space Odysseys : Spatiality and Social Relations in the 21st Century by B�renholdt, J�rgen Ole, Sim... ISBN: 9781138276529
Planner's Encounter with Complexity by Silva, Elisabete A., Roo, G... ISBN: 9781138272408
Sport and Urban Space in Europe : Facilities, Industries, Identities by Terret, Thierry, Heck, Sandra ISBN: 9781138085541
Avoiding Claims in Building Design : Risk Management in Practice by Taylor, Malcolm ISBN: 9780470690413 List Price: $170.00
Environmental Site Plans and Development Review by Sanford, Robert M. ISBN: 9781629584775
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