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Architecture is one of those subjects that almost demands you have a good selection of reference books to support the learning process. You'll need these books even after you leave college, so why not get a good selection of them to enjoy today? Buy cheap reference textbooks on this subject and delve into their pages as soon as they arrive. Look out for Galveston Architecture Guidebook; Architect's Pocket Book; Dictionary of Architecture and Construction; and Practical Experience: An Architecture Student's Guide to Internship and the Year Out. There are lots more books such as these waiting to be discovered, and they will undoubtedly help the learning process along the way. Make sure you always have access to our marketplace and you will be glad you tried to find the best deals right here. We buy back reference books too, so make sure you come right back and sell back if need be.

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Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology by Cowan, Henry J., Smith, Pet... ISBN: 9780415312349 List Price: $49.00
Encyclopedia of World Architecture by Stierlin, H. ISBN: 9780871964052 List Price: $80.00
Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology by Cowan, Henry J., Smith, Peter ISBN: 9780419222804 List Price: $44.95
Encyclopedia of Architecture - Doreen Yarwood - Hardcover by Yarwood, Doreen ISBN: 9780816014231 List Price: $35.00
Galveston Architecture Guidebook by Beasley, Ellen, Fox, Stephen ISBN: 9780892633463 List Price: $17.95
Architect's Studio Handbook by Patterson, Terry L. ISBN: 9780070494466 List Price: $49.95
Architect's Pocket Book by Ross, Ann, Hetreed, Jonathan ISBN: 9780080969596 List Price: $33.95
Architecture and the Decorative Arts: The A. Lawrence Kocher Collection of Books at the Colo... by Stiverson, Cynthia Z., Wode... ISBN: 9780933951242 List Price: $6.00
Dictionary of Architecture & Construction by Harris, Cyril M. ISBN: 9780071351782 List Price: $69.95
Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture by Burden, Ernest E. ISBN: 9780071375290 List Price: $39.95
Perspectives : An Anthology of 1001 Architectural Quotations by Knevitt, Charles ISBN: 9780853315117 List Price: $17.50
Concise Glossary of Architectural Terms by Parker, John H. ISBN: 9780788151880 List Price: $15.00
Foundations of Architecture: Four Essays from the Dictionnaire Raisonne of Eugene-Emmanuel V... by Whitehead, Kenneth D., Berg... ISBN: 9780807612484 List Price: $24.95
Architecture and Operating Systems by Luce, Thom ISBN: 9780394391946
Profile 1999: The Architects Sourcebook by Unknown ISBN: 9780965111362 List Price: $149.00
Autonome Architekur und Partizipatorisches Bauen by Bohning, I. ISBN: 9780817612603
Festschrift for the Art and Architecture Thesaurus by Willis, Alfred ISBN: 9782884491679
Fundamental Concepts of Architecture : The Vocabulary of Spatial Situations by Janson, Alban, Tigges, Florian ISBN: 9783034608930
Print Reading for Architecture and Construction Technology/Instructor's Guide by Madsen, David A., Jefferis,... ISBN: 9780827354302 List Price: $16.50
Practical Experience An Architecture Student's Guide To Internship And The Year Out by Marjanovic, Igor, RĂ¼edi Ray... ISBN: 9780750662062 List Price: $30.95
Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology by Cowan, Henry J., Smith, Pet... ISBN: 9780415312332 List Price: $150.00
Words Between the Spaces Buildings and Language by Markus, Thomas A., Cameron,... ISBN: 9780415143455 List Price: $145.00
Oxford Dictionary of Architecture by Curl, James Stevens, Wilson... ISBN: 9780199674992 List Price: $19.95
World Atlas of Architecture by Unknown ISBN: 9780317549676 List Price: $75.00
On the Spot Guides : Designing with Type by Martin, Judy ISBN: 9781871547054
Popular Terms in Architecture: a Dictionary by Wagner, Anselm ISBN: 9783868593945
Modern Builder's Guide by Lafever, Minard ISBN: 9780608415192 List Price: $95.80
Architect's Job Book by Beaven, Leonard, Dry, David ISBN: 9780900630637 List Price: $11.95
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