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Antiques and collectibles pique the interest of many different people. If you love collecting stamps or you simply want to find out more about them, buy cheap stamps textbooks from us now and get the knowledge you need. Look at some of the titles we have - Miniature Messages: The Semiotics and Politics of Latin American Postage Stamps; Printers and Printing in Philately; Early Stamp Seals in South East Europe, and Dinosaur Stamps of the World. Make sure you get the best and most affordable deals by renting or buying the text books you want for college. Our discounted text books are among the best online today, and we have a superb collection, so buy stamps textbooks online from our website now. We buy back stamps books as well, so we would ask you to contact us if you have a text book or collection you think we would be interested in purchasing.

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De Aqui Y De Alla Estampas Del Mundo-Hispanico by Zayas-Bazan, Eduardo, Suare... ISBN: 9780669173789 List Price: $52.36
The Stamp Atlas; Raife Wellsted and Stuart Rossiter by Wellsted, W. Raife, Flower,... ISBN: 9780816013463 List Price: $29.95
Linns United States Stamp Yearbook 1999 by Amick, George ISBN: 9780940403895 List Price: $25.00
Danish Advertising Panes by Gaudet, James A. ISBN: 9780936493190 List Price: $65.00
Anthology Vol. 3 : Universal K Postal Markings by Unknown ISBN: 9781880065068 List Price: $12.50
Panama - Pacific International Exposition : Postal Markings by Savadge, David ISBN: 9781880065211 List Price: $16.00
Early Stamp Seals in South-East Europe by Makkay, Janos ISBN: 9789630534246 List Price: $32.50
Ohio Doane Cancels by Billings, Bart ISBN: 9780685241356 List Price: $7.00
Scandinavian Revenue Stamps : Denmark by Poulsen, Peter, Nelson, Pau... ISBN: 9780929850009 List Price: $14.00
Finland: The Color and Printing Identification of the 1875 Issues : A New Approach by Oesch, Herbert, Aro, Kauko ... ISBN: 9780936493176 List Price: $85.00
Finland Vol. I : The Color and Printing Identification of the 1875 Issues: A New Approach by Oesch, Herbert, Aro, Kauko ... ISBN: 9780936493152 List Price: $40.00
Finland: The Color and Printing Identification of the 1875 Issues : A New Approach by Oesch, Herbert, Aro, Kauko I. ISBN: 9780936493169 List Price: $50.00
Stamps of Alderney by Picton Publishing Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780948251337
Universal Stamping Machine Company : Machines and Postal Markings, 1909-1920 by Morris, Reg, Payne, Robert ... ISBN: 9780962148101 List Price: $7.00
Stamps by Schoolley-West, R. F. ISBN: 9780785548690
Great Dictionary of Philately by Vladinets, N., Ill'ichev, L. ISBN: 9780785550716
Printers and Printing in Philately by Alden, John ISBN: 9780785522416
Dinosaur Stamps of the World by Baldwin, Stuart, Halstead, ... ISBN: 9780950806341
Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps by Berkovich, Felix ISBN: 9780786406838 List Price: $45.00
Postage Stamp Catalogue of the People's Republic of China, 1949-1980 by China National Stamp Corp. ... ISBN: 9780887270208 List Price: $15.00
Us/Bna Stamp Postage Catalog 2023 by Whitman Publishing ISBN: 9780794849696 List Price: $34.95
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