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Whether you are looking for records textbooks because you are studying the subject, or simply because you have a collection of old records yourself and want to learn more about them and what they could be worth, you have come to the right place. Our new and used records textbooks are great value, and the cheapest you will find. They are the same books as you will find in your college bookstore, but we are selling them at much lower prices. We deliver the books to the address of your choice, so you can avoid time wasting trips to the bookstore searching through rows of shelves and waiting in long checkout lines. You can either browse though our collection of records textbooks, or if you know which books you are looking for just use the ISBN numbers to find exactly the right books. This quick and easy way of buying your records textbooks will leave you more time to enjoy your records!

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Atlantic Records: A Discography, Vol. 1 by Ruppli, Michel ISBN: 9780313211706
Winning Bids Actual Prices Paid for Jazz and Blues 78 Rpm Recordings by Hilbert, Robert ISBN: 9780962031601 List Price: $16.95
Indian Talking Machine by Millis, Robert ISBN: 9780996678506
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