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Ten Thousand Years of Pottery by Cooper, Emmanuel ISBN: 9780812221404 List Price: $39.95
Ten Thousand Years of Pottery by Cooper, Emmanuel ISBN: 9780812235548 List Price: $69.95
Old Torquay Potteries - D. Lloyd Thomas - Hardcover by Thomas, D. Lloyd, Thomas, E... ISBN: 9780722311035
Ceramic Maker's Marks by Gibson, Erica L. ISBN: 9781598741896
Ceramic Makers' Marks (Guides to Historical Artifacts) by Gibson, Erica L. ISBN: 9781598741889 List Price: $89.00
Early Italian Sigillata The Chronological Framework And Trade Patterns, Proceedings of the F... by Poblome, J., Brulet, Raymon... ISBN: 9789042914810 List Price: $99.00
John Dwight's Fulham Pottery Excavations 1971-79 by Green, Christopher Sparey ISBN: 9781850745990 List Price: $55.00
London's Delftware Industry: The Tin-Glazed Pottery Industries of Southwark and Lambeth (MoL... by Betts, Ian, Stephenson, Roy... ISBN: 9781901992762 List Price: $32.00
Bker Pottry Guide to Britn Vl 1-2 by Clarke, Grahame ISBN: 9780521072496 List Price: $160.00
New Ways for Old Jugs Tradition and Innovation at the Jugtown Pottery by Denatal, Douglas, Przybysz,... ISBN: 9781570030666 List Price: $20.00
Ely Wares (East Anglian Archaeology,) by Paul Spoerry ISBN: 9781904452300 List Price: $40.00
Italische Terra Sigillata MIT Appliken in Noricum by Schindler-Kaudelka, Eleny, ... ISBN: 9783700130253
Humberside Medieval Pottery (Bar International) by Hayfield, Colin ISBN: 9780860543336 List Price: $105.00
Scottish East Coast Potteries, 1750-1840 by McVeigh, Patrick ISBN: 9780859760386 List Price: $60.00
Swansea Porcelain by John, W. D., Heath, Sidney,... ISBN: 9780785570080 List Price: $295.00
Nantgarw Porcelain Album by John, W. D., Coombes, G. J.... ISBN: 9780905928159 List Price: $295.00
Swansea Porcelain by Jones, A. E., Joseph, Leslie ISBN: 9780905928845 List Price: $450.00
Doulton Stoneware Pothouse in Lambeth Excavations at 9 Albert Embankment, London by Tyler, Kieron, Museum of Lo... ISBN: 9781901992632 List Price: $16.00
Lapita Peoples by Kirch, Patrick V. ISBN: 9781557861122 List Price: $77.95
Wiener Werkstatte Keramik : Original Ceramics, 1920-1931 by Neuwirth, Waltraud ISBN: 9783900282172
Collecting Ceramic Landscapes-British and American Landscapes on Printed Pottery by Coysh, A. W., Stefano, Fran... ISBN: 9780804814072 List Price: $15.00
Delftware : Falence Production of the Delft by Unknown ISBN: 9780686470328 List Price: $75.00
Roman Pottery of Kent by Pollard, R. J. ISBN: 9780906746127 List Price: $66.00
Arts and Crafts Tiles: William de Morgan by Higgins, Rob, Farmer, Will ISBN: 9781445672106
Pottery Industry of Stamford, Lincolnshire, A. D.850-1250 by Kilmurry, Kathy ISBN: 9780860541097 List Price: $84.00
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