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Glass Paperweights - James Mackay - Hardcover by Mackay, James ISBN: 9780871967008 List Price: $15.95
Glass Paperweights by Mackay, James ISBN: 9780871967022 List Price: $8.95
L. Straus and Sons Richest Cut Glassware by American Cut Glass Associat... ISBN: 9780961872809 List Price: $7.00
Catalogue of Glass Vessels in Afyon Museum by Lightfoot, C.S., Fyon Museu... ISBN: 9780860546757
Hedwig Glasses - A Survey by Allen, Francis N. ISBN: 9780962004216 List Price: $11.00
Glass in Canada : The First One Hundred Years by Stevens, Gerald ISBN: 9780871969026 List Price: $39.95
Amorium Reports by Gill, M.A.V. ISBN: 9781841714493
Early Medieval Glass Vessels found... (bar s) by Stephens, Winifred ISBN: 9781841719962 List Price: $100.00
Soviet Glass by Voronov, N. ISBN: 9780785545422
English Cameo Glass by Grover, Ray, Grover, Lee ISBN: 9780317550016 List Price: $50.00
Romano-British Glass Vessels by Price, Jennifer, Cottam, Sa... ISBN: 9781872414966
Glass at the Fitzwilliam Museum by Schnitzer, Barbara, Nicholl... ISBN: 9780521293358 List Price: $14.95
Louis Comfort Tiffany by McKean, Hugh F., Frankhanel... ISBN: 9783817020126
Roemische Glaser des Landesmuseums Mainz by Harter, Gabriele ISBN: 9783895001512
Early American Pressed Glass by Lee, Ruth W. ISBN: 9780317550023 List Price: $35.00
Nineteenth Century Glass by Revi, Albert C. ISBN: 9780317550054 List Price: $29.50
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