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Students with an interest in antiques and collectibles may be interested to know they can buy cheap firearms and weapons textbooks from our website today. It is also possible to rent used firearms and weapons textbooks if need be. This could be ideal if you want to read a book and then return it, which is exactly the type of affordable service we are offering. Look at the range of titles we have too, which includes Medieval Islamic Swords and Swordmaking: Kindi's Treatise "On Swords and Their Kinds"; Detective Work with Ballistics; Know Your Ruger Single Action: The Second Decade 63-73, and Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Values. As you can see, there is a wide and unusual range of text books here, so you are bound to find whatever you need to read for college. Whatever you require, you can find affordable pre-owned copies of textbooks on this topic to buy or rent now.

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Blue Book of gun Values - S. P. Fjestad - Paperback - REV by Fjestad, S. P. ISBN: 9781886768215 List Price: $34.95
Detective Work with Ballistics by West, David, Boccanfuso, Em... ISBN: 9781404214354 List Price: $14.05
Colt Presentations from the Factory Ledgers 1856-1869 by Houze, Herbert G. ISBN: 9781931464055 List Price: $21.95
Medieval Islamic Swords and Swordmaking Kindi's Treatise "On Swords and Their Kinds" (Editi... by Hoyland, Robert G., Gilmour... ISBN: 9780906094525 List Price: $55.00
Naunton Collection of Japanese Sword Fittings by Jolly, Henri L. ISBN: 9780785540380 List Price: $375.00
Automated Record Checks of Firearm Purchasers : Issues and Options by Unknown ISBN: 9781568060637 List Price: $20.00
Combat Pistols: A Manual of Modern Handguns by Gander, Terry ISBN: 9780809575718 List Price: $25.00
Russian Samovar by Collet's Holdings, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780897718912
SOG Knife Collector by Silvey, Michael W. ISBN: 9780965554435 List Price: $20.00
Handguns : Safety, Selection, and Use by Cashin, John ISBN: 9781619000506
Handguns : Safety, Selection, and Use by Cashin, John ISBN: 9781619000568
Connoisseurs Book of Japanese Swords by Nagayama, Kokan ISBN: 9781568365817 List Price: $75.00
Book of the Sword by Burton, Richard F. ISBN: 9780598443311 List Price: $104.50
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