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U.S. Submarine Production Base An Analysis of Cost, Schedule, and Risk for Selected Force St... by Birkler, John L., Schank, J... ISBN: 9780833015488 List Price: $25.00
Assessing Competitive Strategies for the Joint Strike Fighter Opportunities and Options by Birkler, John L., Graser, J... ISBN: 9780833030092 List Price: $25.00
Monitoring the Progress of Shipbuilding Programmes How Can the Defence Procurement Agency Mo... by Arena, Mark V., Birkler, Jo... ISBN: 9780833036605 List Price: $18.00
From Marginal Adjustments to Meaningful Change: Rethinking Weapon System Acquisition by Birkler, John, Arena, Mark ... ISBN: 9780833050465 List Price: $20.00
Australia's Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise : Preparing for the 21st Century by Birkler, John, Schank, John... ISBN: 9780833090294
United Kingdom's Nuclear Submarine Industrial Base Ministry of Defense Roles by Schank, John F., Riposo, Je... ISBN: 9780833037978 List Price: $20.00
Acquisition And Competition Strategy for the Dd(X) The U.S. Navy's 21st Century Destroyer by Schank, John F., Smith, Gil... ISBN: 9780833038708 List Price: $22.50
The Predator ACTD: A Case Study for Transition Planning to the Formal Acquisition Process by Michael R. Thirtle, Robert ... ISBN: 9780833025418 List Price: $30.00
U.S. Coast Guard's Deepwater Force Modernization Plan Can It Be Accelerated? Will It Meet Ch... by Birkler, John, Alkire, Brie... ISBN: 9780833035158 List Price: $30.00
Three Programs and Ten Criteria Evaluating and Improving Acquisition Program Management and ... by Johnson, Robert V., Birkler... ISBN: 9780833024367 List Price: $25.00
U.S. Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Force Structure, Cost, Schedule, and Technology Issues... by Birkler, John L., Mattock, ... ISBN: 9780833025975 List Price: $15.00
Options for Funding Aircraft Carriers by Birkler, John, Schank, John... ISBN: 9780833031679 List Price: $25.00
Gaining New Military Capability An Experiment in Concept Development by Birkler, John L., Kent, Gle... ISBN: 9780833025869 List Price: $15.00
Reconstituting a Production Capability Past Experience, Restart Criteria, and Suggested Poli... by Birkler, John L., Large, Jo... ISBN: 9780833014450 List Price: $30.00
Royals Navy's New Generation Type 45 Destroyer Acquistion Options and Implications by Birkler, John, Schank, John... ISBN: 9780833032034 List Price: $30.00
Competition and Innovation in the U.S. Fixed-Wing Military Aircraft Industry by Birkler, John, Bower, Antho... ISBN: 9780833033505 List Price: $30.00
Considerations in Balancing Land-And Sea-Based Air Forces by Rand Corp. Staff, Birkler, ... ISBN: 9780833024497 List Price: $42.01
An Acquisition Strategy, Process, and Organization for Innovative Systems by John Birkler, Giles Smith, ... ISBN: 9780833028020 List Price: $25.00